Twitter Engineer TRIGGERED by Elon Musk's Ownership Stake: "It's Broken Me"

Twitter Engineer TRIGGERED by Elon Musk's Ownership Stake: "It's Broken Me"

Twitter engineering manager Jay Holler is not doing so well after Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk’s buying of 9.2 percent of Twitter and being appointed to the company’s board of directors.

Holler went on a Twitter tirade, where he says that he has been both “radicalized” and “broken” by the news, as first reported by The Post Millennial.

Holler shared Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal’s quoting of Elon Musk’s poll, where he said it may be time for an “emergency” Twitter Space to discuss the prospect of Musk’s purchase.

“The problem with Elon Musk is that he has demonstrated a patern of harmful behavior consistently that disproportionately impacts marginalized people, so maybe let’s not give him any more power than he already stole?” Holler tweeted before Elon’s appointment to the board. Holler held a Twitter space after news of Musk’s appointment, titled “Rage Out,” where he trashed Agrawal.

Holler tweeted that “For the first time, @Twitter leadership includes someone I had proactively Blocked on this platform.”

Holler then tweeted, “OK I’m radicalized now.” He also said that Musk’s purchase had “broken” him.

Holler then went on to tweet a thread claiming that Musk was a transphobe, a misogynist, and sadistic, also tweeting Musk’s memes while tagging his boss, saying “how do you feel about the anti-trans rhetoric posted by our new board member less than 30 days ago.”

Holler has been against Musk’s existence for some time. In early March, he tweeted a Substack article titled “The Coming Collapse of Elon Musk.”

The article states: “How does a man who harasses whistleblowers, abuses most laws, rules, and regulations, supposedly has employees spied on, and advocates for a greener future while creating a huge carbon footprint become the most prominent, richest person on the planet? This is a question we’ll ask ourselves when the Musk bubble bursts, but the reality is we already know the answer.

“Crony capitalism combined with ultra-cheap monetary conditions has enabled Dr. Evil-type figures to pursue their wildest fantasies, all while figuratively mooning the authorities on their own front lawn. The list of Musk’s shenanigans is endless. It’s the Elonwashing era.”


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