Mother Rages After LA DA Gascon Gives Hit-And-Run Teen Ultra Light Sentence After Striking Her and 10-Month-Old Baby

Mother Rages After LA DA Gascon Gives Hit-And-Run Teen Ultra Light Sentence After Striking Her and 10-Month-Old Baby

It’s sounding more like a broken record now, but the people of Los Angeles County who elected their George Soros-backed ‘criminal justice reform’ district attorney, George Gascón, and are now upset that his light sentencing policies as crime rises, have no one to blame but themselves.

And they are the only ones who can fix the situation by booting him out of office via a recall effort that is currently underway.

Gascón outraged another LA resident this week when his office handed down a paltry 5-month juvenile ‘probation camp’ sentence to a teen driver who struck a mother and her 10-month-old child last year.

In August, a 16-year-old Los Angeles teen high on drugs drove straight into the mother, who is identified only as Rachel, while she was pushing a stroller holding her 10-month-old child.

Both of them miraculously survived without any serious injuries, The American Wire reported, adding that the teen then drove off in an attempted hit-and-run.

Here is a local news report containing video of the hit-and-run (Warning: Graphic).

As seen in the video, the driver was eventually stopped and detained by bystanders.

“Investigators say the 16-year-old driver was under the influence of drugs and was driving a rental car. It’s unknown how he got possession of the rental car,” station KABC reported at the time.

“LAPD said the driver was released to his parents because he’s underage and since he is a juvenile, the alleged DUI crash is not considered a violent crime. He is expected to be in court in October.”

Rachel lived in fear for several months until the teen “was taken into custody on a bench warrant after skipping court,” according to Fox News.

Several months later, the teen was given an extraordinarily light sentence of just five months in a “juvenile probation camp” by Gascón, a far-left Democrat who has a history of such lenient sentencing.

The mother is officially irate and says that she’ll “continue to live in fear after his short sentence is complete,” Fox News added.

“George Gascón doesn’t value my life or the life of my child, or any other victim out there and would rather reward the monsters like [the juvenile suspect] by demonstrating to them that their actions have no consequences,” a victim’s impact statement from Rachel says, according to reports.

“DA Gascón is telling him and every other thug in LA County that it doesn’t matter if you try to murder people. Why are Gascón’s policies prioritizing the livelihood of rotten monsters when my child, my baby, who is incapable of protecting himself, is left to fend for himself, and is essentially being told his life doesn’t matter?” the statement continued.

She went on to speculate that the teen was actually trying to kill her and her child.

“He tried to murder two innocent pedestrians. Murder. And we have video evidence. My child would be dead if I hadn’t been there to protect him,” the victim’s impact statement continued, adding that she thinks the driver intentionally turned his vehicle toward her and her son.

“As the car approached me and my child, I stopped walking and moved the stroller and myself up against a building on the right side of the road to ensure that we gave the reckless driver plenty of room to pass. As the car got dangerously close to us, [the juvenile suspect] turned the wheels in our direction and accelerated as he aimed to kill us,” the impact statement says.

Worse, Gascón is seeing to it that the teen’s record will “be wiped clean when he turns 18,” according to the mother.

“I have never been more surprised or disappointed, and, in fact, I have never felt so victimized as I have by the system and current policies of LA’s DA, George Gascón. My heart breaks when I think about all of the other victims out there, less fortunate than me, whose murderers are getting lenient sentences and being released from prison before their sentences are complete,” her statement added.

As horrific as this episode is, it is, by far, not the only outrage during the Gascón era. But only Los Angelenos can fix this error.


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