'Mother' Or 'Birthing Parent'? Moms Respond to Teacher's Union Proposal

'Mother' Or 'Birthing Parent'? Moms Respond to Teacher's Union Proposal

Mothers responded on Friday to a previous report noting that the nation’s largest teacher’s union, the National Education Association, floated the idea of changing the term “mother” to “birthing person,” as though that is the biggest issue facing our problem-plagued public education system today.

Fox News spoke to several mothers in Virginia to gauge their response to the proposal.

“I personally prefer being called ‘mother.’ Not a ‘birthing parent,’” one woman said. “I birthed my child. I don’t want to be called a ‘birthing parent.’”

She added, however, that it was fine if someone else was not comfy being called “mother.”

The “birthing parent” label “takes the specialness out of being a mom,” a Leesburg mother said.

But Margie, also of Leesburg, told Fox News: “I’m fine with that. Anything to make people feel comfortable.”

“Take down the walls. Take down the barriers,” she added.

And Thea, from Maryland, said she preferred to be called “mother,” but added that people can go by whatever they prefer.

Linda, a mother who adopted two children, shared her distinct perspective.

“I would feel excluded by the children I adopted,” Linda told Fox News. “Is that an adoptive parent as well? Is that a surrogate parent as well?”

“What would constitute a birthing parent?” she said, adding that to her, the phrase seems a lot less inclusive.

Meanwhile, Robin, a mother of two, noted: “Changing from mother to birthing parent sounds great. It doesn’t exclude anyone.”

“If someone called me a birthing parent, it wouldn’t bother me,” Robin added.

“I think the word ‘parent’ is inclusive,” Sarah, from Leesburg, said. “I just don’t understand why you need to designate.”

As reported previously by Fox News, the National Education Association isn’t concerned that American students are behind the rest of the first world in math, science, and arithmetic or that a growing number of them are being taught to hate their own country — the nation’s largest teacher’s union is laser-focused on changing the term ‘mother’ to ‘birthing people.’

And why? Well, to be ‘inclusive’ to the LGBTQ community, of course:

NEA’s resolutions, called new business items (NBI) represent the teachers’ union’s opinions and beliefs. Many resolutions were voted by the Representative Assembly (RA), comprised of 6,000 educators, in Chicago as well as virtually. The resolution on the language change – NBI 63 – was ultimately not brought to a vote. 

“Using this contract language, members need not worry about how a Board of Education/solicitor defines ‘maternity leave,’ ‘mother,’ and/or ‘father’; the language is an inclusive reflection of how LGBTQIA+ members build families,” the proposed resolution said.

NBI’s are proposed by the union’s delegates. It takes 50 delegate sponsors to bring the NBI to the RA floor for debate and then to a vote, according to Education Week. 

Tiffany Justice, with the group Moms for Liberty, told Fox News that she now refers to the NEA as the “K-12 Cartel” because of the way they hold parents and their children hostage to their radical left-wing agenda.

“We believe in American teachers, and we don’t believe that the lack of focus that the union has on children is represented,” she said.

“Normal people don’t use the term ‘chestfeeding’ or ‘birthing person’ or any of this stuff,” Nicole Neily of Parents Defending Education added. “I think it just further underscores how completely out of touch the teachers’ unions… are from the concerns of normal parents.”

“It’s horrifying,” she told the outlet.

Elana Fishbein from No Left Turn in Education noted further that the proposed resolution is further evidence of the left’s push to destroy the traditional American family.

“They are arrogant. They are dismissive of the family, the parents. It’s beyond Orwellian. Even in science fiction, I don’t know if you can have such a script of complete destruction of human society,” she said.


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