Most Hispanics Want Tougher Border Enforcement From Biden: Survey

Most Hispanics Want Tougher Border Enforcement From Biden: Survey

Hispanics continue to break for Republicans the deeper the country gets into the Biden administration, especially when it comes to the all-important issue of whether or not the world’s premier superpower has enforceable borders.

According to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports and NumbersUSA, 57 percent of Hispanics who cast ballots last week say the administration is not doing nearly enough to reduce illegal border crossings.

Per Newsmax, here are some additional findings from the survey, which includes the latest figures on Hispanic shifts to the GOP:

  • 17% say border enforcement is about right, compared to 16% who say the government is doing too much enforcement. The remainder were uncertain.
  • 44% say the Biden administration is doing a poor job handling illegal immigration, while 21% say it is doing a fair job. Eighteen percent said it is doing a good job, and 13% said it was doing an excellent job.
  • 46% favor immigration policies that reduce the level of legal immigrations, while 43% want immigration policies that increase the level of legal immigrations.
  • 43% say they would vote for President Joe Biden in a hypothetical match for the White House with former President Donald Trump compared to 42% who said they would vote for Trump. Ten percent said they would vote for someone else.
  • 48% say they voted for the Democrat candidate in their Senate race, while 39% say they voted for the Republican.
  • 50% say they voted for the Democrat candidate in their district’s House race, compared to 40% who say they voted for the Republican.

While the GOP numbers were still below those of Democrats, Hispanics — the country’s largest minority group — have been trending red for the past couple of election cycles, beginning with Trump’s presidency, though his political rivals attempted to paint his tough border enforcement policies as ‘racist.’

Last month, in fact, a Washington Post/Ipsos survey which is typically skewed towards Dems found that the party of the donkey has been shedding Hispanics at least since 2018.

While the poll “shows Democrats with a net of 63% support among Hispanic voters, compared to a net of 36% for Republicans, that’s a decline for Democrats from the last midterm elections,” Newsmax reported in a separate story. “In exit polls conducted by Pew Research in 2018, 72% of Hispanic voters supported Democratic candidates and 25% supported Republicans.”

The October survey noted that the faltering economy, rising prices, and other factors, including a decline in support for President Joe Biden, were hurting Democrats with Hispanics.

“It’s those kinds of things that are fresh in your face that rule the day,” Robert Martinez, 64, who served in the Marines and lives in St. Mary’s County, Md, told the Washington Post. “And this president just does not get it.”


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