Mom Threatens Texas With Lawsuits Over Introduction of CRT In Schools: 'We're Tired of Y'all!'

Mom Threatens Texas With Lawsuits Over Introduction of CRT In Schools: 'We're Tired of Y'all!'

A black Texas mother is threatening to sue Texas — and is encouraging other parents to do so, as well — if her daughter is exposed to Critical Race Theory in school.

“If my daughter is taught CRT at all, I will sue you. If my daughter is taught [social and emotional learning] at all I will sue you. I am encouraging every parent I know to sue you; to sue every teacher, every principal, every system, everybody up the chain… because we’re tired of y’all,” said a mother named Gabrielle Clark at a June 26 public hearing on education held by the Texas Legislature.

“Ya’ll are trippin’,” Clark added. “Every single day we go to school and we see our teachers lie to us, lie right to our faces. And ya’ll say you have our best interests at heart? So why does everything have to be so difficult?… Why do you have to be a lawyer in order to figure all this stuff out?”

“I’m an atheist, bisexual, bi-racial, homeless person… I do not want my child to be taught that just because she is Black and a woman she ain’t gonna make it. I do not want my daughter to be taught that she needs to express herself sexually in her classroom,” Clark noted further.

She then took umbrage with the gender-inclusive language being pushed by far-left education advocates.

“I’m a mother, not a ‘birthing person.’ I earn that right with my cellulite and my stretch marks. You’re not gonna do this to us. We will fight you every single day from now on,” Clark said, adding she also opposes “pornographic” books in school libraries like “Gender Queer” and “Flamer.”


What triggered her remarks at the June meeting, she told Fox News, was that her daughter and son “had been indoctrinated with CRT and [social and emotional learning].”

“I swear to you, I promise you I will turn this into a class action lawsuit ambulance-chasing business,” she told legislators.

Clark reportedly filed a lawsuit in December 2020 alleging that a class in Nevada that was taught to her son included the ‘oppressor/oppressed’ narrative generally associated with CRT, arguing that it violated his constitutional free speech and due process rights.

“I wasn’t going to let my son be alone in standing against it when he did. He said that anybody can be racist. And anybody can be racist. And I don’t care what the woke say about that,” Clark said, according to Fox News. “Racism is being prejudiced of race, not power plus privilege or whatever – whatever parallel language messaging they’re using to describe racism now.”

The following year, Clark made a decision to move to Texas in order “save” her daughter from “the indoctrination” into gender ideology, arriving in the Lone Star State in January of this year.

“I also needed to surround my child with people who I knew were going to affirm…  reality,” Clark said. “I couldn’t trust the school to tell me the truth. I couldn’t trust and know that they were going to lie to me,” she said. “Any dissent about this ideology that it would be met with hostility, as far as I’m concerned.”

Clark drove three hours to attend the June hearing in the capital of Austin, saying that she had to stay in a hotel the night before that she couldn’t really afford just so she could speak.

She told Fox News that “there’s no money in this” for her, regarding her motivations. “I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do. But a lot of parents are too afraid to speak out,” she said.

Regarding CRT, Clark said that she believes children and teens ought to be taught things at an age-appropriate level, adding that the theory is better left for debate in college or institutions of higher learning.

When teaching children about anatomy, for instance, it wouldn’t be appropriate to bring a cadaver into a classroom, she told Fox News.

“We’re not going to give a 7-year-old a scalpel and lay a fresh cadaver out on the table and tell them to go dig out that kidney. We don’t do that. That would scar a child for life to have to do something like that,” she said. “So telling a child that because they’re Black and a woman they’re on the bottom of the oppression privilege matrix is just as terrible… [by] putting them in a lifelong state of victimhood.”


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