M&Ms Announces Changes To Its Fictional Characters To Be 'More Inclusive'

M&Ms Announces Changes To Its Fictional Characters To Be 'More Inclusive'

You know you may be too sensitive, and have too much time on your hands, if the identities and appearances of fictional M&Ms has you offended.

But apparently, Mars Wrigley must think someone is offended as they are embarking on a  mission to make their cartoon M&Ms more inclusive.

“M&M’S has long been committed to creating colorful fun for all, and this purpose serves as a more concrete commitment to what we’ve always believed as a brand: that everyone has the right to enjoy moments of happiness, and fun is the most powerful way to help people feel that they belong,” Chief Growth Officer at Mars Wrigley, Cathryn Sleight, said in a press release. “As one of the world’s most iconic candy brands, who better to commit to a world with more moments of fun by increasing a sense of belonging around the globe than M&M’S?”

“Studies1 show our desire to belong is as strong as our desire to be loved, and that desire is common for all people irrespective of culture, race, ethnicity, geography, or location. M&M’S used this insight to create the M&M’S FUNd to track the brand’s impact on our mission, which will offer resources, mentorship, opportunities and financial support in the arts and entertainment space to help ensure people have access to experiences where everyone feels they belong,” the press release said.

“This year, fans of the iconic M&M’S brand will also see changes in the brand’s look and feel as part of its evolution, each intended to reflect its new commitment,” it said.

If you were offended by these fictional characters here are some of the changes that are being made that should help you sleep more soundly at night.

  • A fresh, modern take on the looks of our beloved characters and more nuanced personalities to underscore the importance of self-expression and power of community through storytelling
  • An enhanced focus on the brand’s iconic color palette and the use of different shapes and sizes of M&M’S lentils across all touchpoints to prove that all together, we’re more fun
  • An added emphasis on the ampersand – a distinctive element within the M&M’S logo that serves to connect the two Ms –to demonstrate how the brand aims to bring people together
  • An updated tone of voice that is more inclusive, welcoming, and unifying, while remaining rooted in our signature jester wit and humor

“We’re excited to reveal our new M&M’S brand look and feel, which fans will see come to life across all M&M’S touchpoints around the globe,” Mars Wrigley Global Marketing Vice President Jane Hwang said. “From new product innovations to brand campaigns, our evolved characters and our experiential retail stores, we’ll incorporate colorful visuals, inclusive messaging and our purpose into all we do to prove that all together, we’re more fun. In fact, this purpose is already on full display at the new M&M’S store in Berlin, which features multiple languages on signage as an invitation to all and our most diverse Associate base that celebrates those from different cultures, backgrounds and generations.”

The company said it is also making “a commitment to gender balanced leadership teams, running an independent annual diversity audit of its advertising.”

When you think woke culture cannot get any more ridiculous some company says “hold my beer” and raises the bar.


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