Megyn Kelly Rips 'Gross' Jill Biden For Keeping Joe In Race

Megyn Kelly Rips 'Gross' Jill Biden For Keeping Joe In Race

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly shredded first lady Jill Biden on her Sirius XM show as she said it is her fault that President Joe Biden has not stepped aside as the Democrat presidential nominee.

“The First Lady is gross. She’s the villain in all of this and as far as I’m concerned. She’s out there…in North Carolina saying she’s all in on his reelection campaign. She plans to make three stops in three separate states. “Joe’s made it clear he’s all in and that’s the decision he’s made. Just as he’s always supported me, I’m all in too.” Sure. It’s just because he decided so you’re all in,” she said.

“All of us know, if our spouse were in this condition, we hug them right into retirement. We’d be sitting on the couch next to them watching Matlock. I think this President’s in the condition where you can just keep repeating the same episode over and over and over. How dare she pretend this is a normal campaign. And it was just a bad night. That’s her messaging. He’s repeating. Not the other way around,” she said.

After the president’s disastrous debate, she said that the media was in “full panic mode” after hiding his cognitive decline for a long time.

“We are officially halfway through 2024…and the big question is whether President Joe Biden be the Democratic nominee by the end of this week? We know the media revolt against him is well underway. Paper after paper is suddenly reporting on the story that has been obvious to just about everyone with eyes and ears for months, and let’s be honest, years now. Joe Biden is struggling and his age has caught up with him. It’s not a pleasant story to report on. No one’s enjoying watching this. But we’ve been forced to by Jill Biden and the cabal around him and by the candidate himself,” she said on her Sirius XM podcast.

“We on this show reported on Joe Biden’s obviously faltering mental cognition more than two years ago, it was episode 339. We talked about it on the show before we did it saying, look, it feels kind of mean, it feels a little rude, but it’s a story, and not a lot of people were doing it back then. But that was at a time when the Democrats could still have realistically held a competitive primary… Many in the larger media and members of the president’s staff and family have been lying to you for a very long time…However now, in the wake of Biden’s disastrous debate performance, the media elite have woken up… and they are in full-on panic mode as they attempt to push out this president,” Kelly continued, as she read part of the piece from The New York Times editorial board calling for the president to step aside.

“Both The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal editorial boards did not go that far, but said bowing out should be seriously considered by the president… Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman at the New York Times…have called for Biden to step aside… Their colleague Ezra Klein who has been calling for an open convention since February took a victory lap… Mr. Biden’s favorite TV show host Joe Scarborough said ‘It was time for the president to consider leaving this race to help his party defeat Donald Trump,’” she said.


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