Marjorie Taylor Greene To Introduce Bill That Bars Children From Being Exposed to Drag Shows

Marjorie Taylor Greene To Introduce Bill That Bars Children From Being Exposed to Drag Shows

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is fed up with the obscene left’s attempts to groom children and has decided to try and do something about it.

On Wednesday, the feisty Georgia Republican tweeted a response to a post by the Libs of TikTok account containing a video clip of “a bakery in NJ” that “hosted a ‘family-friendly’ drag show for all ages.”

“Children hand money to the drag queen who also gets cash stuffed into his bra including from someone who appears to be a minor,” the post noted.

“This needs to be illegal. What’s the difference in children stuffing cash in a drag queen bra and a strippers bra? Nothing. It’s wrong and it’s indoctrination,” Greene wrote.

Later in the day, she announced her legislation.

“I’m introducing a bill to make it illegal for children to be exposed to Drag Queen performances,” she tweeted.

It wasn’t the first time Greene has addressed the purposeful grooming of children.

“I could care less what 2 consenting adults do sexually, nor do I judge, but when it comes to adults training children sexually, both mentally & physically, I do care. And so do MOST people. We must protect children from child grooming predators & abusers in every way possible,” she wrote on June 6.

“It should be illegal to take children into Drag Queen shows and strip clubs. And there should be no federal funding for any school that intentionally confuses children about gender/sexuality. Any teacher or school employee caught doing so should be fired and lose all benefits,” she added.

“The same people saying “Christian Nationalism” is dangerous are the same people grooming our children, pushing drag queen shows in elementary & middle schools, teaching gender lies and advocating teenagers go through genital mutilation. Tell me again who is dangerous,” she also said.


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