Major Teachers Union Outrages Parents With Tweet About Who Is Better Suited For their Kids

Major Teachers Union Outrages Parents With Tweet About Who Is Better Suited For their Kids

A tweet from the National Education Association, one of the country’s largest teachers’ unions, has outraged parents with a tone-deaf tweet regarding who is better suited for their children.

The organization on Monday tweeted that teachers “know better than anyone” what students need in classrooms, according to Fox News Digital.

The president of Parents Defending Education, Nicole Neily, told the network that she found the tweet “astonishing” in its tone-deafness, given the major defeats liberals have suffered in school board races around the country after they approved of grotesque, sexually inappropriate content and curriculum for students.

“They know better than anybody how to spend money on Democratic candidates and undermine American education, but certainly not how to let children learn and thrive,” Neily told “Fox & Friends” co-host Todd Piro Tuesday morning. “So really an astonishing claim by them. Four Pinocchios.”

The tweet from the NEA said: “Educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and to thrive.”

After thousands of people responded negatively, the NEA turned off responses to the tweet.

One response came from Trump-era Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who said, “You misspelled parents.”

The NEA responded to DeVos with: “Together, families and educators are an essential team for the resources and opportunities all students need. Out-of-touch billionaires, however, are not.”

The union was unclear about how financial status somehow disqualifies a parent from making the same observations.

“They are trying to gaslight the American people about their role in lockdowns, about the role in learning loss,” Neily continued. “We have seen from those NAEP scores that came out recently, how American children fell off a cliff during COVID. And let’s be honest, achievement, proficiency in America was not good before that, despite the fact that the amount of money we have spent on American education has gone through the roof.

“Families know best,” she continued. “Families should decide where their children go and how that money is spent, and the teachers unions need to be cut out of this process entirely.”

Fox News Digital noted further:

The NEA, along with the American Federation of Teachers, was caught up in controversial emails last year with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The correspondence, obtained by Americans for Public Trust, found that the nation’s two largest teachers unions appeared to influence last-minute changes to school reopening guidance and a slow walking of getting kids back to school.

“They don’t care what we think because they have their own agenda, and I think the sooner the American people realize this union is not in it for us or our children, they’re in it for their money and their power, the better off we will be,” Neily said.

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell, himself a former teacher, also blasted the tweet and accused the union of engaging in a “political stunt.”

“Teachers unions don’t teach,” Terrell told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “It’s the individual teacher who’s in that classroom who needs to make an assessment on every student. Guess how they get that assessment from parental involvement? They get information from the parent on the kid’s study habits, his learning skills, his work habits.”


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