Major Public School's Policy Now Determines Whether Names, Gender Pronouns Are 'Patently Offensive'

Major Public School's Policy Now Determines Whether Names, Gender Pronouns Are 'Patently Offensive'

The cultural destruction wrought by the left continues to creep across the country and infect every institution, but especially public education, as noted by what’s happening now in St. Paul.

Minnesota’s largest public school district now determines whether a child’s “particular name or gender pronoun would be patently offensive” based on their gender inclusion policy, documents show, according to Fox News.

In accordance with the Saint Paul Public Schools’ Gender Inclusion policy, teachers are required to “respect all students’ gender identity and gender expression by honoring the right of students to be identified and addressed by their preferred name and pronoun.” The purpose of the policy is to guarantee that all students are able to participate in activities and use facilities that make them feel at ease, the report continued.

The district also expects staff members and faculty to address students by their preferred pronouns and name upon “written or oral request from a student, and regardless of parental consent.”

The district’s principal will “determine that the use of a particular name or pronoun would be patently offensive.”

SPPS updated its “Gender Inclusion” policy in 2019, and it includes a section of definitions, where gender is defined as the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that society associates with femininity or masculinity. The policy also references various laws, including the Minnesota Human Rights Act, Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act, and Title IX, among others, at the bottom of the page.

Also, in order for a student’s name and gender change to be officially recognized, a “Name / Gender Change Request Information” form has to be submitted, and not necessarily by a parent or guardian.

“If a parent or guardian is not available to sign and submit this form, a student should contact their school principal, a school counselor, or another Saint Paul Public Schools staff member to request accommodations,” the form says, according to Fox News. “All students, regardless of the completion of this form, may expect staff to use the name and/ or pronoun that they have communicated verbally and/ or in writing to staff.”

Gender inclusion policies have become increasingly prevalent throughout the United States.

Recently, Fox News Digital reported that public school districts in Idaho were urged to implement policies that prohibit employees from informing parents about a student’s name or gender transition without the student’s consent.

School districts in Idaho have been adopting these policies at the recommendation of the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA), according to school district policies and email correspondence obtained by Parents Defending Education through FOIA requests and shared with Fox News Digital. These policies also keep parents in the dark about their children’s gender identity and sexual orientation.


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