Mainstream Media Reports FL Hospitals ‘Overrun’ Prompting Twitter User to See For Herself

Mainstream Media Reports FL Hospitals ‘Overrun’ Prompting Twitter User to See For Herself

Liberals have chastised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for standing up for personal freedoms in his state against COVID-19 regulations. Each action by DeSantis made liberals foam at the mouth, and the mainstream media followed, resulting in a “tremendous amount of effort being expended in the mainstream media to hold up Florida as a complete failure when it comes to the COVID pandemic” writes Becker News.

On Friday, the Associated Press reported Florida broke the “record” with more than 21,000 cases in the state. It was also noted that hospitals were close to being “overrun.” The AP reported:

“The Florida Hospital Association said Friday that statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations are nearing last year’s peak, and one of the state’s largest health care systems, Advent Health’s Central Florida Division, this week advised it would no longer be conducting non-emergency surgeries in order to free up resources for COVID-19 patients.”

The Associated Press specifically mentioned a hospital at Cape Canaveral, Florida, prompting Dr. Shay, PhD., who goes by AMA Black Patriot on Twitter, to investigate on her own. Dr. Shay visited the hospital location and shared her findings, with photograph evidence, on Twitter.

“So the Associated Press wrote an article saying that Cape Canaveral, FL hospital is bursting at the seams with Covid patients. I had to go see for myself, so I drove there. The first set of pictures are of the hospital’s parking. More to follow.”

Accompanied with photographs, Dr. Shay wrote, “pictures of the doctors parking lot, patients parking. Er parking and even took some of the parking garage. See attached…More of the hospital the AP said is bursting with Covid patients.”

“Tomorrow, God’s willing, I’m going to go to three other hospitals, and will post pictures as well. Sick to my stomach of the #LyingLiberals. #DontMessWithDeSantis #DontMessWithFL.”

Becker News reports:

The news media have been on a tear attempting to depict Florida as a COVID nightmare due to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ alleged mismanagement. Meanwhile, New York has the worst COVID mortality rate in the United States and is threatening to implement fascistic vaccine passports merely so citizens can purchase goods and services.

On Friday, John Hopkins University dumped what amounted to a 300% surge in COVID deaths in a dataset. It turned out that it was a week’s figures for Florida and months of figures for Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware. When the figures were corrected, there was only a 2.5 percent increase nationwide in deaths week over week.


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