'MAGA' Americans Still Back Trump Despite Troubles: Poll

'MAGA' Americans Still Back Trump Despite Troubles: Poll

Americans who supported former President Donald Trump and his successful “America first” agenda still largely back him despite his ongoing legal issues, according to a new survey.

In addition, The New York Times poll found, Trump retains strong support among Hispanics.

“The American public’s views of former President Donald J. Trump have remained remarkably stable across a number of different measures in recent months, even as he faces multiple investigations and as he remains a central figure in the midterm elections, according to the most recent New York Times/Siena College poll,” the outlet reported on Thursday.

The survey found that those who voted for Trump continue to hold him in high esteem despite ongoing federal and state investigations into potential 2020 election interference, business fraud, and potential violations of national security statutes. Those probes also did not factor in at all as most support him for a 2024 rematch against President Biden, ADN America reported, citing the Times’ survey data.

The outlet noted further:

The poll also found that the gains Trump made among Hispanic voters in 2020 from Democrats has remained strong. The NYT poll determined that Republicans have maintained the same support among Latino voters, especially young Hispanic men by a margin of five points.

One 34-year old Latino delivery driver from Amarillo, Texas who was interviewed told the paper that although he voted for both Democrats and Republicans in the past, he would most likely vote for Trump in 2024.

“I don’t know too much,” Antonio Chavez told Times. “When the race starts getting closer, I’ll start paying attention, but right now he’s just at the forefront for me. I have a few reservations about supporting him because of the document issue, but I like to see what the other side is going with.”

The Times claimed that 44 percent still have a favorable view of the 45th president compared to a 53-percent unfavorable view. Still, Trump tops all GOP comers in nearly every poll, though a USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll published last week found that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis holds a 48-40 percent lead over Trump in the Sunshine State.

There is also a possibility that the former president doesn’t run again.

On the Wednesday episode of SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show, the host was joined by the guys of The Ruthless Podcast, Comfortably Smug, Josh Holmes, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook, when she said that a former leading RNC official told her Trump wasn’t going to do it.

“Now, let me run this by you. Talked to a guy, used to be high up in the RNC, right? And he said, Trump’s not gonna run again. Trump just can’t say that he’s not gonna run again,” she revealed.

“He said he would never declare anyway, because as soon as he declares, like right? If he were to declare tomorrow, on the chance that he is gonna run again the RNC could no longer pay his legal bills,” Kelly added.

“They couldn’t support him with his legal bills because the RNC has to stay neutral. So they can’t be funding one guy’s legal bills. So that — that I thought that was kind of interesting that like, Trump will have to delay if he’s going to announce that he’s running as long as humanly possible, cause he’s got a lot of legal bills, but it was this guy’s strong belief that he will not run again, that he’s too worried about losing,” Kelly concluded.

Trump has frequently and strongly hinted that he will run again next time around.


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