Lori Lightfoot Dragged After Complaining About Colorado LGBTQ Bar Shooting

Lori Lightfoot Dragged After Complaining About Colorado LGBTQ Bar Shooting

If there is one thing that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot should probably stay quiet about, it is senseless shootings, given her city’s reputation for gun violence under her watch.

But she didn’t over the weekend following news that a gunman killed and wounded several people at an LGTBQ bar in Colorado Springs. Lightfoot, who belongs to that community, expressed her outrage at the shootings, which led to her being ratioed in response.

She began by sharing a tweet from The Associated Press breaking the story: “Colorado Springs police say 5 people are dead and 18 injured in a Colorado nightclub shooting.”

A follow-up tweet by the AP said: “Lt. Pamela Castro of the Colorado Springs Police Department said the shooting was at Club Q, a gay and lesbian nightclub. It features a ‘Drag Diva Drag Show’ on Saturdays, according to its website.”

According to the latest information, five were killed and another 25 were wounded. The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, used an AR-15 style rifle and had a handgun and additional ammunition magazines. He was subdued by patrons at the club, one of whom grabbed Aldrich’s handgun and struck him with it. As of this writing, police have not released a motive for the attack.

“I’m sick of this s***,” Lightfoot tweeted in response. “How many people need to be murdered? How many lives torn apart? Until it actually stops? We don’t have to live like this. And we don’t have to die like this.”

Critics wasted no time piling on Lightfoot to remind her of what a shooting gallery Chicago has become under her and the Democratic city council’s watch.

“Where is your outrage at the dozens of murders in your city every week? Gangs and criminals are running the place … not you,” ESPN reporter Jeannine Edwards said.

“Next Top Model” winner (Season 1) added, “YOU and your party have ran Chicago for over 60 years! This is YOUR fault and no one elses.”

“I’m not sure, but it seems like you might be in a position to do something about murders in Chicago,” radio host Dan O’Donnell wrote.

“Local arsonist laments the number of fires in the US as her city burns,” @Reverend_Ducati added.

“What’s the murder rate in Chi-Town and what are you doing about it?” Jeff Putnam asked.

Meanwhile, Breitbart’s Alana Mastrangelo added, “As the mayor of Chicago, you should probably sit this one out.”

“This is a real tweet. From the the [sic] Mayor of Chicago,” @Brinkofill noted. “The person in charge of a city known for its violent crime. And just in case she deletes, here is a screenshot …”

“More people than this were murdered this weekend in Chicago, I’ll bet. And that’s your fault,” actor Nick Searcy argued. He added: “615 homicides in Chicago this year. Why aren’t you sick of that s***?”


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