Lone Conservative on 'The View' Pushes Back on Claim Republicans Are Responsible for Bidenflation

Lone Conservative on 'The View' Pushes Back on Claim Republicans Are Responsible for Bidenflation

The lone conservative voice on “The View,” former Trump official-turned-anti-Trumper Alyssa Farah Griffin, pushed back hard on claims from the majority liberals on the show that Republicans were somehow responsible for inflation along with corporations, given that Democrats are in charge of all legislative and policymaking apparatuses.

Co-host Joy Behar claimed that historically, the U.S. has suffered recessions under Republican administrations, saying that thirteen out of the seventeen recessions over the past 100 years have occurred under GOP leadership.

“Every time the Republicans are in office, the deficit goes up, then the Democrats have to come in and sweep it all up, fix it all up, then they lose because people — like, I don’t know what they’re thinking right now. And then the Dems have to come in and fix it again,” Behar argued. “That is what is happening.”

Griffin, however, countered that Democrats are currently in charge of Congress and the White House, and inflation has only gotten worse over the past two years, not better.

“Blame whoever you want, whether it’s corporations or Republicans. Democrats control everything,” Griffin said. “Real Americans are struggling right now.

“I was reading a statistic that as we go into the winter season, I grew up in a home [where] we didn’t heat our house as much as we would like to, to save money. We didn’t cool it in the summer as much as we would have liked to because we couldn’t afford it,” she added.

“The reality is Americans are going to see up to $900 annually more in their fuel prices to heat their homes this winter. It’s not getting addressed so that has not been Democrats’ message on the campaign trail,” she said.

Co-host Sunny Hostin then moved to blame corporate greed, claiming that Democrats “do not control corporations,” though she obviously has ignored the recent corporate shift to left-wing cultural issues. She also claimed, incredibly, that Americans’ incomes would be double if the economy had been controlled by Democrats for the past 90 years.

Griffin went on to say that the Inflation Reduction Act, a Democrat bill, has not decreased inflation but it has raised taxes.

“So many Democrats, Pelosi just said inflation is a global phenomenon, that’s true, but it doesn’t help people who need to pay their bills,” Griffin said.

The Daily Caller added:

Economists have estimated that legislation passed by President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats, including student loan forgiveness and the Inflation Reduction Act, would contribute to inflation. In February, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a non-partisan agency, estimated that canceling student loan debt entirely would increase inflation by anywhere from 10 to 50 basis points.



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