List of Trump Allies Being Targeted By Biden's DOJ Should 'Shock The Conscience' of Americans: Tucker Carlson

List of Trump Allies Being Targeted By Biden's DOJ Should 'Shock The Conscience' of Americans: Tucker Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Monday sounded the alarm over a growing list of allies of former President Donald Trump who are being targeted by President Joe Biden’s Justice Department.

He also made a chilling observation: That the point of what the current regime is doing to Trump and his supports is to “silence political dissent” from conservatives.

Holding copies of Justice Department subpoenas issued to some 50 Trump supporters “for all communications dating from a month before the election until a month–two months after the election,” the Fox News host said, “what it demands is both unlawful and without precedent in American history.”

Carlson noted the example of Tea Party member and congressional candidate Amy Kremer who went through the proper channels to obtain a permit to hold a rally on Jan. 6. FBI agents recently showed up at her home as well as that of her ex-husband to demand her communications as well as those of her daughter Kylie, “including their social media posts from Oct. 1, 2020, to the present day.”

The host said that Kremer “never went to the Capitol on that day. She never encouraged anyone else to go, either. But for the crime of organizing a lawful political event, an election justice rally protected by the Constitution, Amy Kremer is now being terrorized by Merrick Garland’s DOJ.”

“It’s illegal. It’s unconstitutional. It shocks the conscience of everyone who sees it, but the number of people who see it is very small because it is not covered by any media and it’s not just happening to Amy Kremer,” the host added. “This show has obtained a subpoena from Merrick Garland’s DOJ issued in the past week and what it demands is both unlawful and without precedent in American history. The subpoena claims to be investigating, ‘any claim that the vice president and/or president of the Senate had the authority to reject or choose not to count presidential electors.’”

“Now keep in mind that any claim you make as an American citizen about electors, any claim you make about American politics, period, is protected explicitly under the First Amendment. That’s our core freedom,” he continued. “It’s why we live here. It’s why we’re proud to be Americans. It’s why so many American servicemen died protecting our country.”

He noted: “Those are the freedoms that they fought to preserve. That’s why nobody prosecuted leading Democrats in 2016 when they sought to reject electors for Donald Trump. Right. It’s why none of those people, including Kamala Harris, is now in jail.”

“But right now, according to the subpoena that we have obtained, Merrick Garland’s DOJ is demanding all communication from the following people on this topic, and let’s be clear before we read their names, that it is not clear what the investigation is actually about and that’s the most terrifying part,” he argued.

Carlson added: “What is this? On what grounds are you demanding my private communications with people? They never say. Included in this precedent-breaking sweep of political opponents of the Biden White House, would be former White House adviser Bernie Kerik, who was the former police commissioner of New York City; Boris Epshteyn, who is the current attorney for Donald Trump (At no time in American history has it been okay to grab the personal communications of someone’s lawyer because those are privileged. Not anymore.) Matt Morgan; Justin Clark; Kenneth Cheseboro; Mike Roman; RNC official Joshua Findlay; Trump Attorneys John Eastman, Jenna Ellis, Joe DiGenova, James Troupis, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Victoria Toensing, Cleta Mitchell, and Bruce Marks. We could go on and on and on and on.”

“The DOJ is now going after former White House official Stephen Miller, a frequent guest on this show, with a subpoena. Why?” the host asked. “Well, it could be because Stephen Miller went on this network and said, ‘If we win these cases in the courts, then we can direct the alternate state of electors are certified.’”

“In other words, he didn’t call for an insurrection, much less violence or a coup. He called for alternate electors to be seated if the court ordered them to be seated. In other words, he was following the constitutionally prescribed process post-election. He’s doing what he’s supposed to do,” Carlson argued. “He’s following the rules, but under Joe Biden, that apparently is now a crime. By the way, every one of these people has to hire lawyers to defend him or herself and a lot of them at this point, after two years of harassment by Joe Biden, can’t afford it,” the host said, before wrapping up.

“It’s a threat to the system we live under. It’s a threat to everything we have that’s valuable,” he concluded. “We cannot allow this, but no one’s even mentioning it.”



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