Lindsey Graham Backs Hershel Walker, Says New Allegations Akin to 'Kavanaugh' Smear

Lindsey Graham Backs Hershel Walker, Says New Allegations Akin to 'Kavanaugh' Smear

Sen. Lindsey Graham made headlines in 2018 with a fiery response to his Democratic colleagues after they attempted to smear then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with sexual allegations from his past that turned out to be false.

Now, he sees the same tactic being used against U.S. Senate candidate and former football great Hershel Walker, a Trump-backed Republican running against incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

During a press conference on Wednesday, left-wing attorney Gloria Allred claimed that an anonymous woman says she had an affair with Walker in the late 1980s and early 1990s and that he paid for her to get an abortion.

Walker himself has repeatedly said the allegations are false — not just ‘wrong,’ but false.

“Well, I’m gonna just say right now guys, I’m done with this foolishness,” Walker noted in response to the press conference. “I’ve already told people this is a lie, and I’m not going to entertain, to continue to carry a lie along.

“And right now they got crushed at that debate and now the Democrats are doing and saying whatever they can to win this fight and win this seat,” he continued. “But I want them to know, they don’t know Herschel Walker. They don’t know that I’m from Wrightsville, Georgia, and I’m gonna win this seat. I told them when I got in this race, I’m gonna win. And they now see that I am gonna win. So I just want you guys to know that this right here, that right now, I’m winning this seat.”

Graham campaigned with Walker and spoke about the Kavanaugh example at an event this week.

“So, I’ve seen this movie before, folks. I remember the Kavanaugh storyline really well,” Graham said. “The hearing’s over, does a great job, all of a sudden, I’ve got this letter. I want to share it with the committee. Well, it was shared with The Washington Post before it was shared with the committee, making a salacious allegation.”

“And Judge Kavanaugh met with every Democrat, and the ones that knew about it never gave him a chance to explain himself. And the rest is history,” Graham continued. “Another one, another one, and another one. So here’s the game plan, Herschel. Get a celebrity lawyer like Avenatti, who’s now in jail, get a celebrity lawyer to come out and make a wild accusation right before it’s time to make a decision about who should be on the Supreme Court or who should be in the Senate. So I’ve seen this movie.

“I live 40 miles right over those hills there,” Graham concluded. “People here are not going to tolerate it. There’s gonna be a backlash in Georgia. This is coming from L.A. It’s coming from an activist Democratic celebrity lawyer who went to the 2016 convention for Hillary Clinton. And people in Georgia are not this dumb.”



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