Libs on Martha's Vineyard Blasted For Removing Migrants Quickly After Claiming to 'Welcome' Them

Libs on Martha's Vineyard Blasted For Removing Migrants Quickly After Claiming to 'Welcome' Them

Liberals who live on ritzy Martha’s Vineyard are getting mocked and blasted after quickly ridding the island of about 50 illegal immigrants flown there by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

No sooner than the migrants landed late last week, residents and officials on the Massachusetts island and throughout the state were scrambling to get rid of them, despite claiming to be ‘welcoming’ and ‘open’ to immigration.

The group of migrants was loaded onto two buses and sent to Joint Base Cape Cod, where they were offloaded and processed by some 125 National Guard troops who were activated by the state’s RINO governor, Charlie Baker.

Donald Trump Jr. was among the first to mock the island’s liberal Dems for getting rid of the migrants so quickly.

“It took less than 24 hours for the libs to kick these illegal immigrants out of Martha’s Vineyard, but Biden won’t lift a finger to deport the thousands of illegals pouring through the southern border daily out of the country,” he said.

Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist, noted that DeSantis’ point of sending the migrants to Martha’s Vineyard was to “provoke a huge mobilization” from the National Guard to “imply a contrast with a liberal White House failing to help border communities dealing with a far larger influx.”

“DeSantis really exposed these hypocrites,” added popular YouTuber Tim Pool, of “Timcast.”

“I thought Martha’s Vineyard was a ‘sanctuary city’?” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) mocked. “I thought they declared themselves a ‘haven’ for illegal immigrants?? Just 50 arrive, and the socialist billionaires send them away—to a military base, no less—in JUST 24 hours.”

“Something, something ‘In this house we believe…’ Something, something…Ukraine flag,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R), the GOP nominee for retiring Sen. Roy Blunt’s (R) seat, noted.

“In the end, the Leftist liberal elite anthem is a word salad of virtue signaling defined by next level hypocrisy,” he added.

“Unfreakingbelievable,” attorney A.J. Delgado wrote on Twitter. “Are all the virtue-signaling posts, about how ‘we took them in, we stepped up and came together to help!’ going to be removed now?”

“The wealthy elites on the Vineyard couldn’t stand to have the undesirables there for more than 2 days, so they shipped them off to a military base,” Monica Crowley, a former Trump administration official, added on Twitter. “Someone else’s problem now. Back to the Chardonnay!”

Fighter Jon Fitch said: “Martha’s Vineyard might be the most racist place in America. They called the national guard over 50 non-white people. Gross.”

“Whatever the surrounding circumstances, calling in the National Guard for 50 people really does look terrible. It’s also awful to see people marched past the cameras. This whole stunt is dehumanizing and humiliating,” New York Times “Women’s Work” writer Megan K. Stack said.


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