Liberals Freak After Country Music Star Luke Bryan Brings Florida Gov. DeSantis On Stage

Liberals Freak After Country Music Star Luke Bryan Brings Florida Gov. DeSantis On Stage

Liberal Twitter users blasted country music star Luke Bryan after he brought Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on stage during a Friday concert in the state.

Bryan was playing to a packed crowd at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville when he introduced the GOP governor to massive applause from the crowd.

“We’re gonna have some fun and raise some money tonight for the great state of Florida,” he said at one point, in response to the damage inflicted last month by Hurricane Ian.

Fox News reported:

DeSantis, who is currently up for reelection in Florida, was met with a deafening wave of sound as he walked on stage, according to video shared on Twitter by a concert-goer.

Opinions on the decision, and the manner in which Bryan brought out the governor, were quickly shared and dissected on Twitter, with one user writing, “Look I understand this is for a hurricane relief from the devastation that happened in Florida I can understand that. But…. when you do this 10 DAYS before the midterms it’s nothing but a political stunt. You could’ve done this after the midterms. Shame on you Luke Bryan.”

“Sad and seriously disappointing. F–k you Luke Bryan,” one user wrote, while another stated, “Note to self: cancel Luke Bryan.”

For his part, DeSantis took to the platform to thank the “American Idol” star, who is currently on his  “Raised Up Right Tour.”

“Thanks for letting me crash the party last night,” he tweeted.

Other lefties criticized DeSantis himself.

“Is anyone really surprised that Luke Bryan supports a racist, misogynistic authoritarian?” one person falsely noted.

Another person tagged Bryan, writing, “Thanks for shaking hands with and lifting up the Governor who just endangered the lives of trans kids in my state by taking away their healthcare. I just spent yesterday fighting for those kids. You’re trash, and we see you.”

Others, however, were complimentary of Bryan for bringing up the popular governor who appears to be cruising to reelection next month.

“How awesome[.] Wish I were there! Two Rock Stars celebrating freedom in Florida,” wrote one, while another added, “I always loved Luke Bryan.”

“What I love about Luke,” another fan added on social media. “You aren’t gonna tell him who he can be buddies with.” Said another, “Just gained a fan. Time to download some @lukebryan.”

On his Instagram, Bryan did not address the ‘controversy’ but did write, “Jacksonville got me fired up for the weekend” in a post along with a photo of the huge crowd.


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