Leftists Go Overboard When Christians Host School Board Candidates Event

Leftists Go Overboard When Christians Host School Board Candidates Event

Once again, left-wing Americans who vote consistently for Democratic Party candidates prove that they, not conservatives, are the ones who prefer tyranny over liberty and constitutionalism.

The latest example stems from a ‘progressive’ group in California which managed to intimidate the owners of a business to the point where they backed out of being a venue for a Christian-led political action committee’s event to host school board candidates, the Western Journal reported:

Tim Thompson, pastor of 412 Church Murrieta, in southern California, formed the Inland Empire Family PAC to support school board candidates who hold to Judeo-Christian, conservative values.

Some main issues of concern for the PAC are the sexualization of children through school curricula, the teaching of critical race theory and parental rights over any medications children receive, such as transgender therapies and vaccinations.

The Bible indicates parents have the ultimate responsibility for raising children, including instilling values.

But Thompson’s initiative was opposed by the misnamed group “Temecula Unity” (our emphasis), which really only wants the uniformity of left-wing thought, not debate or discussion over differing principles and viewpoints. The group accused Thompson of attempting to impose his values on schools.

“They say I’m trying to install a theocracy in the school board, which is not at all accurate,” Thompson told The Western Journal

“I’m not trying to install a theocracy. I’m just trying to say, ‘Hey, listen, let the parents be the parents. Let kids be kids.’ That’s it. Teach them reading, writing and arithmetic. Teach them true history,” he added.

But Temecula Unity member Julie Geary, who is also a teacher, said she found the pastor’s efforts “extremely offensive because public schools are for every child,” according to Press-Enterprise.

She went on to say that she will focus more on being a left-wing activist than a teacher by working to keep Inland Empire’s candidates off of local school boards because again, it’s okay for the left to literally indoctrinate young children but not okay for conservatives to offer them alternative views or to ‘let parents be parents’ and let them decide what life lessons to teach their children and, importantly, when.

“Churches should be about love, kindness, helping the poor, helping the sick, feeding the homeless (and) helping their community, not driving a wedge through it,” she said — while working to ‘drive a wedge’ through her own community with her divisive insistence on public school groupthink.

Inland Empire PAC is planning a series of fundraisers for its preferred candidates and among the featured speakers is Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco.

“So it’s not like we’re some lawless group,” Thompson told the Western Journal. “The county sheriff is on our side of this issue.”

But the first venue Thompson contracted with pulled out after being pressured to do so by angry little leftists from Temecula ‘Unity.’

The group “posted where our event was, gave the phone number to the location and said, ‘Flood that location with calls. Tell them, you’re going picket.’ All this kind of stuff. And they did,” Thompson said.

“And the company that was going to let us hold our event at their place of business called and said, ‘Hey, look, we’re going to have to cancel.’”

The venue was a local car dealership that has often been used to host special events after hours, and according to the outlet, staff reported receiving well over 100 calls from leftist busybodies who hate the First Amendment unless it’s being used to spread their ideology.

“We’re a business,” said an executive, who asked not to be named as to avoid stirring further controversy. “It has nothing to do with personal beliefs or anything else like that, just everything to do with I can’t have 100 calls a day from different people voicing their opinion about something that has nothing to do with the business.”

The American left is no different than leftists the world over: They are simply opposed to free-thinking debate and refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of counter-arguments to the point where they will impose their will if necessary.

And the party they vote for not only tolerates this kind of rigid authoritarianism, but also appear to require it.


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