Leftist 'Green' Policies Actually Cause More Pollution: GOP Senate Candidate

Leftist 'Green' Policies Actually Cause More Pollution: GOP Senate Candidate

The left is not honest about who they are because if they were they would lose a great many more elections than they do, and that includes concealing their ‘green’ agenda.

While Democrats tout ‘renewable energy’ and the demise of fossil fuels as an attempt to ‘save the planet,’ the reality is they use that agenda as another means of controlling the population by scaling back or eliminating resources that make us much more independent of government. Cheap fossil fuels and affordable automobiles, for instance, fueled the growth of suburbs and outlying communities that are free from the authoritarian control of Democrat-run cities that are now being plagued by crime, homelessness, high taxes, and a higher cost of living.

What’s more, Democrats are not being honest in their claims that renewables and green energy actually reduce pollutants, according to one GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Colorado.

Fox News reports:

The Left’s restrictions on oil and gas production in the U.S., coupled with the promotion of “green” technologies like wind and solar, may actually lead to more pollution and worse carbon emissions globally in the long run, a U.S. Senate candidate who spent ten years working with the first certified carbon-neutral company in America told Fox News Digital in an interview this week.

“On the yardstick of greenhouse gas emissions, environmental policies fail,” Eli Bremer, a former Olympian and Republican candidate for Senate in Colorado, told Fox News Digital. He argued that “green” technologies may cost more to manufacture and maintain than they offset, in terms of carbon emissions, and he argued that by refusing to produce energy in the U.S., America is effectively offshoring energy production to countries with far lower environmental standards.

Bremer told Fox News Digital that he advocates for transparency when it comes to “green” technologies.

“Any government program that is supposedly green we should find out, from head to toe, does that policy actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions or not?” he said.

“If you look at windmills, there’s a lot of greenhouse gas emission cost that we gloss over,” the candidate added. “We extract the raw materials from the ground, process them, assemble them, maintain them for the lifespan of the windmill, then we decommission them. Virtually every expert that I’ve talked to believes that the overall return is negative.”

He went on to say that the true cost of all of that remains a mystery at present, but he aims to change that if he is elected.

In addition, left-wing environmental policies also create a perverse form of “green colonialism,” the former Olympian noted, recalling visits to China and Cambodia, where he saw elevated levels of pollution up close.

“When we push our production to third-world countries, they pollute their lands,” Bremer said. “We are going to third-world countries and demanding that they pillage their lands so that we can have green technologies.” He mentioned “lithium mines where you have young kids put in servitude,” such as in the Congo.

He also talked about his “disgusting” river trip while in Cambodia.

“They dump their trash in the river there, and then it goes out to the ocean,” Bremer recalled. “The Left is talking about not having plastic straws, but they’re pushing production in other countries that don’t have a waste management system.”

“The global pollution goes up when the U.S. artificially caps our production,” the former Olympian reasoned. “We have gone so far over at this point that we’re actually polluting the earth because of these policies.”

“When we’re one of the most efficient energy-producing countries in the world, reducing our production is nonsensical,” Bremer argued. “A sound environmental policy would also address global pollution,” and Republican proposals will do that much better than current Democratic policies.

“The fastest way to get to technologies in a green economy is to allow economies like the U.S. to produce quickly and develop new technologies,” he said. “We’re not going to get new technologies out of China or India or Bangladesh.”

He also said Republicans should be more readily embracing these new technologies.

“We can come up with a greener society much faster as Americans than the government can mandate it. Our economy will naturally do that faster and more efficiently,” he said.

“Republicans should be willing to talk about it and say, ‘Our solutions put Americans back to work. Our solutions, globally, produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.'”


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