Left Melts Down After Lara Trump Posts 'Character-Building' Exercise Featuring Her Son During Hurricane Ian

Left Melts Down After Lara Trump Posts 'Character-Building' Exercise Featuring Her Son During Hurricane Ian

Leftists had another meltdown episode on Wednesday after someone with the last name of “Trump” posted something online.

Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, posted a video featuring her kids undergoing a “character building” exercise in the rains of Hurricane Ian, and that was enough for leftists who probably support the mutilation of children in the name of ‘transgenderism’ accuse her of “child abuse.”

The video features Lara Trump’s five-year-old son atop a toy bulldozer in the rain as Ian made landfall. She and presidential son Eric Trump own a home in Jupiter, Fla.

“Thought we had a clear window, turns out we did some character building instead,” she wrote on an Instagram post, adding, “stay safe everyone!”

Left-wing critics piled on immediately, accusing her of ‘child abuse’ because her son appeared to be crying in the video.

“I don’t know what’s worse – that Lara Trump did this to her child, or that she filmed it and then posted it as some sort of brag,” said JoJo Fletcher, a liberal activist.

“BREAKING: Lara Trump — wife of Donald’s submoronic son Eric — posts a deeply disturbing video of their young son wiping his eyes in discomfort in a “character building” exercise in the pouring rain pushed in by Hurricane Ian. RT IF YOU THINK THAT ALL TRUMPS ARE TERRIBLE PARENTS!” tweeted the lunatic left-wing Twitter account “Occupy Democrats.”

“Somebody needs to call Child Protective Services on Lara trump for having her son out in the storm and filming him crying his eyes out, FFS. Disgusting,” replied another Democrat activist.

“What Lara Trump is doing by making her child stay in the storm scared while filming him is abuse. Plain and simple,” responded author Tony Posnanski.

“If Lara Trump thinks it’s a good look to post a sickening video where she’s callously laughing at her young son who’s clearly in distress – she’s wrong,” read another post.

“To be clear, the disgusting feckless vacuous crude moron Lara trump filming her child outside as he cries as a deadly hurricane approaches when everyone should be inside and all you hear is her horrid laughter is called child abuse. Child protection services should have a word,” tweeted singer Ricky Davila.

“Would you publicly post a video exploiting and humiliating your very young child for clicks? Because it sure looks like Lara Trump did,” said another very popular tweet.


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