Leaked U.S. Department of State Cable Details Truth on Low Successful Evacuation Numbers

Leaked U.S. Department of State Cable Details Truth on Low Successful Evacuation Numbers

A cable leaked from the State Department and obtained by Politico’s national security reporter Alex Ward reveals a somber picture of evacuation reality from Afghanistan. Ward tweeted on Tuesday:

“NEW: Leaked State Department cable with evacuation numbers (as of Aug 23 at 15—ET):

Total manifested since midnight Kabul AUG 23: 483

AMCITS, 6,425 Afghans natls, 8 3rd country/unknown.

Total = 6,916

Total manifested since op began: 4,407 AMCITS, 21,533

Afghans, 642 TCNs. Total = 26,582”

The Blaze writes, “The figure is particularly troubling given that low-end estimates indicated the number of American citizens present in Afghanistan prior to the U.S. military withdrawal was between 10,000 and 15,000. That number, however, could actually be much higher.”

“Even if the lowest number — 10,000 — is accepted, data outlined in the cable show that the Biden administration is less than halfway toward extracting every American with only one week to go.” Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters on Monday “we are actually overperforming in terms of the evacuation numbers.”

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki snapped at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy when asked how many Americans were stranded in Afghanistan. Psaki shot back with an absolute lie that it is “irresponsible” to say Americans are stranded in Afghanistan because everyone who wants to get out, can. We know this not to be the case as the Taliban are setting up check points and hindering safe passage to the Kabul airport for safe evacuation.

On Tuesday, the Democratic National Committee had the audacity to issue a press release declaring a victory for Biden in Afghanistan. The release admiringly gave the misinformation that it didn’t take two weeks to evacuate 50,000, it only took ten days.

The release quoted John Harwood as saying, “Biden national security officials last week set goal of evacuating 5k-9k per day from Afghanistan. This morning, WH says 21,600 were flown out of Kabul in last 24-hours – 12,700 on US military flights, 8,900 on allied coalition flights.” Total “Evacuees in last 10 days: 58,700” the DNC proclaimed.


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