Alleged Leaked Email Shows Assistant Principal Ordering Staff To Hide Gender Change Of 7th Grader From Parents

Alleged Leaked Email Shows Assistant Principal Ordering Staff To Hide Gender Change Of 7th Grader From Parents

An alleged leaked email from an independent journalist purports to show an assistant principal from San Pasqual Union School in California directing her teachers to use a new name and pronouns for a seventh-grade student.

The email indicates that the assistant principal also directed the staff to hide the changes from the student’s parents who are not aware of it.

The subject line of the email reads “Gender Support Plan 7th Grade” and is penned by assistant principal Tammy Lee.

“From here on out, Rebecca (redacted) shall be referred to as Evan (redacted) he/they. He will use the girls’ bathroom facilities. All students and staff may know. There will not be an announcement in class,” it said.

“Evan’s parents DO NOT know, so Synergy and any information that goes home shall say Rebecca (redacted). Please make note in your sub plans to use Evan knowing the attendance sheet from Synergy will say Rebecca,” it said.

After the information began circulating on Twitter the school deleted its Twitter account.

In a biography for the assistant principal on the school’s website says that “social and emotional affairs are at the forefront of” her work.

“It is with enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the new assistant principal of San Pasqual Union School. I am honored to be a part of a close-knit school family with values near and dear to my heart,” the bio said.

“I come with extensive experience in both elementary and middle school. For the previous three years, I served as assistant principal of Empresa Elementary known for academic excellence with an emphasis on Performing and Visual Arts where each student is encouraged to develop an awareness of strengths and interests and be aware of pathways needed to achieve personal academic goals. With this emphasis on achievement both in Language Arts and Mathematics, we earned the California Distinguished School award in 2018. This honor marks the second time I have been part of an award winning team,” it said.

“As the assistant principal, social and emotional affairs are at the forefront of my work. I strive for all students to be treated with respect and dignity and to feel included as part of the school community. My training in trauma informed practice and personal connection to students in foster homes has been formative in how I approach students and their needs. I place an importance on relationships and background knowledge and maintain visibility by greeting students and families each morning, build relationships while monitoring recess, and wish students well as they leave school each day,” it said.

Responses to the tweet about the alleged email varied.

“So if Rebecca/Evan gets bullied as a result of there are altercations or perhaps they are just in a bad mental state, who would be held responsible since this information is omitted from the parents?” one Twitter user said.

“My sister is a public school teacher in a decently sized area and says this is EXTREMELY common,” another said.


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