LAPD Says 17 Gangs Now Targeting City's Rich, Famous For Robberies

LAPD Says 17 Gangs Now Targeting City's Rich, Famous For Robberies

It’s been said that until the deteriorating situations in urban centers begin to affect the liberal elite, nothing much will change for the common man and woman who are regularly victimized by criminal behavior.

If that assessment holds true, then Los Angelenos may be about to experience a massive shift in their views about the role of law enforcement.

In the post-George Floyd period it became fashionable for the elite to hop on the “defund police” bandwagon, mostly because with their private security arrangments, they believed there was zero risk to them for taking the ‘popular’ liberal position.

Only now, it seems as though those chickens have come home to roost, at least in the City of Angels.

The Western Journal reports:

Police have learned that 17 gangs have honed in on the wealthiest residents of the Los Angeles area by robbing them after they leave venues catering to the rich and famous.

Police said the robberies are often carried out by crews working from multiple vehicles and that the high-end handbags, watches and other items are then sold regionally on a thriving black market, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Violence towards victims is becoming a hallmark of the crimes, said Capt. Jonathan Tippet, who leads a Los Angeles Police Department task force formed as the number of high-end violent robberies began to spike.

“There’s no chance or opportunity for these victims even to comply. They’re just running up to people and attacking them, whether that’s putting a gun in their face or punching them and beating on them,” Tippet said. “Pistol whipping them as well.”

The LAPD also said that there were 165 so-called “follow-home” robberies in 2021 and 56 to date this year. “In my 34 years on the job, I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said.

Translation: The crime wave has reached the top of the financial food chain in a major American city, which means these kinds of robberies are coming to the elite in other major cities where they live.

“The robberies are organized, he said, with sometimes as many as five vehicles converging on a target identified by a spotter who alerts gangs when wealthy potential targets are on the move,” The Western Journal notes, describing how the operations work.

Cops are fighting back and making arrests, but of course, that’s essentially pointless for the time being because there are so many George Soros-funded Marxist prosecutors in California these perps are right back out on the streets, sometimes within hours. So this means the elite now being targeted are either going to have to turn up the heat on the current district attorney ‘representing’ them (as in, threatening to withhold donations) or back a different horse in the next race.

“I am absolutely frustrated,” Tippet said.

Police Commission President William Briggs, meanwhile, said releasing suspects in these robberies is wrong (because we can’t have the rich and famous being targeted — only the commoners).

“This revolving-door criminal justice system that we have right now clearly is not working and is endangering the citizens of Los Angeles and is creating a public safety crisis,” Briggs said. “We need to find a solution.”

The solution is to stop electing counterrevolutionaries to positions of authority within the criminal justice system.

Will it take gangs targeting the elite to get that done? Sadly, probably so.


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