Kevin McCarthy Says GOP Will Come Out on Top in Midterms

Kevin McCarthy Says GOP Will Come Out on Top in Midterms

California House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted that the Republicans will take control of the US House of Representitives, as results for key states are yet to be announced. McCarthy made the announcement late on Tuesday.

McCarthy said, “Two years ago when I became leader, Republicans had less than 200 seats in the house. That cycle, we picked up 14 seats when every single person said that would be impossible.

“If you believe in freedom, hard work, and the American dream, these results proved that there is a place for you in the Republican Party. Now tonight, we built upon those gains two years ago, and it is clear that we are going to take the House back.”

McCarthy defeated his Democratic challenger Marisa Wood handedly, securing a ninth term in Congress with 63.3 percent of the vote when the race at the time that his race was called.

He continued to tell the late-night crowd, “The American people are ready for a majority that will offer a new direction that will put America back on track. Republicans are ready to deliver. It’s a new direction towards an economy that is strong, where you can fill up your tank, feed your family, where your paychecks grow and not shrink, a new direction towards a nation that is safe.

“Where communities are protected. Law enforcement is respected and criminals are prosecuted. A new direction towards the future that’s build on freedom. Where children come first and are taught to dream big and a new direction towards a government that is accountable where government works for you instead of against you.”


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