Katie Hobbs Is Too Scared To Debate Kari Lake, Says She Won't Talk Politics With Strangers

Katie Hobbs Is Too Scared To Debate Kari Lake, Says She Won't Talk Politics With Strangers

Project Veritas released video exposing Democrat Arizona candidate for governor Katie Hobbs, who has been trying to hide her position on guns and is avoiding debate with her opponent Kari Lake.

In video released by Veritas, Hobbs is heard describing a situation where in she was not comfortable discussing her work in government.

“I was like, ‘Uh, I work for a campaign.’ I don’t know why I said that — I just didn’t want to have this conversation. And he’s like, ‘Oh, Kari Lake?’ And I was like, ‘F**k no!’ I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to talk politics to anyone who I don’t know,” Hobbs said.

Nicole DeMont, Hobbs’ campaign manager, also said that Hobbs wanted to avoid discussion with voters in Arizona.

“When Clean Elections was like, ‘Here’s the debate format,’ it was exactly the same as the primary. It was like, we’re not gonna put her [Hobbs] in that, like she’s not gonna be a part of something like that,” DeMont said.

“Like, if you wanna make a format that actually allows for a substantive policy debate, where you can compare positions, sure we’ll do that…So, they want to see Kari [Lake] create this spectacle. We’re not participating in that…We’re doing a bunch of forums where we can actually hear both sides,” she said.

Additionally, Head Political Consultant of the Hobbs campaign said that Hobbs was hiding her position of supporting an assault weapons ban.

When asked if Hobbs would support an assault weapons ban, he said “if she could, yeah. I mean the problem is that it’s a federal issue, right?”

Wolf continued, “Because it’s a federal issue and like, you know, there’s nothing she could do about it — at least immediately, right? And some kind of advocating for it publicly, which is really more impactful once you’re governor. So, it’s kind of like, this state is crazy about their guns, so we’re not gonna take the beating for it before she can do anything about it.”

He also disclosed that Hobbs is protected between campaign stops by an AR-15, saying that it’s “easier to fire than a handgun.”


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