Journalist Blasted For Claiming to Have Called Child Services on GOP Candidate Over 'Happy Columbus Day' Tweet

Journalist Blasted For Claiming to Have Called Child Services on GOP Candidate Over 'Happy Columbus Day' Tweet

A journalist is being shredded after claiming to have called child services on a Republican state Senate candidate after he wrote “Happy Columbus Day” on Twitter.

“Previously sane respected reporters became unglued under Trump and turned into raving loons. Unfortunately some of them never recovered. They’re still out there screaming into the void. Most of the time we don’t hear them. But sometimes they do something so stupid ‘Primetime’ is forced to take note,” Fox News host Jesse Watters said as he opened a Tuesday evening segment. “Enter self-described award-winning multimedia journalist David Leavitt. He became very angry with Tina Ramirez; she’s a Republican running for Virginia state Senate who had the audacity to wish her followers, ‘Happy Columbus Day.’”

Ramirez posted a picture of her wishing everyone a Happy Columbus Day on Monday, which then prompted Leavitt to ask her why she celebrated “torture, rape, murder, and enslavement.”

“I teach my daughter real American history. I refuse to join the radical left’s campaign to erase history,” Ramirez posted in response, leading to Leavitt to tweet a request that Ramirez be reported to child services for “teaching her child to be a racist.”

“Now, Mr. Leavitt couldn’t let that stand. He responded, ‘why are you celebrating torture, rape murder and enslavement’? ‘Happy Columbus Day,’” Watters continued before bringing up Leavitt’s efforts to report Ramirez to child services.

“He proceeded to encourage his Twitter followers to call child protective services on Ramirez. Unfortunately, the lines were a little busy that day, and he got fussy when he was put on hold for ten minutes. And then for 20. After holding for an hour, finally hung up. This is what unhinged people do,” Watters said.

Ramirez told Watters that no one from Virginia child services reached out to her. She added that she discussed the situation with Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares, who assured her that such a trivial complaint wasn’t going anywhere.

“For someone like this to have the audacity to attack a single mother who is the sole provider for her child and to literally try to have that child taken away from them because he’s so set on his feelings being hurt over me celebrating a holiday with my child is beyond the pale and that is what is wrong with these progressive leftists in America right now,” Ramirez said. “That’s why people across the board voted in Gov. Youngkin and Republicans last year in Virginia.”

“For him to sit on a hotline an hour tweeting about it the whole time. His rant about oh, they’re not there yet, they’re not there yet. Over 300,000 followers this guy has,” Ramirez said.

“The fact that he has so many followers means holding up a hotline that is supposed to be there to provide real services and immediate help for children in need is abhorrent,” Ramirez said. “He needs to be held accountable. This is appalling.”



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