Israel Urges Emergency Session on Hospital Crisis Due to COVID-19

Israel Urges Emergency Session on Hospital Crisis Due to COVID-19

Israel, which has one of the highest vaccination percentage rates, has called an emergency session due to the “collapse of hospitals amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic” reports the Jerusalem Post.

“Israeli opposition leaders have urged Knesset Speaker Mickey Levy to reconvene the Knesset plenum in an emergency session despite it being in recess.” A joint statement by heads of the ultra-Orthodox parties was sent to Levy stating hospitals are refusing to admit COVID-19 patients and are preparing to go into “Shabbat mode” meaning only emergency care will be provided, due to a severe lack of funding.

“The hospitals are suffering from a lack of funding and a halt in supplies,” the joint statement said. “Especially during this rise in COVID-19 morbidity, we demand the Knesset convene to address this emergency and the government’s prolonged disregard of the hospitals’ basic requirements.”

The Knesset Health Committee and coalition chairwoman Idit Silman announced she would convene an emergency session in order to discuss the hospitals, as well as address the mental healthcare system. Silman asked Levy to arrange the meeting in light of the urgency of the situation, to which Levy agreed.

Several medical centers in Israel stopped accepting COVID-19 patients beginning Monday due to the financial crisis. The hospitals in jeopardy serve two million people, or roughly 20% of the Israeli population.


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