Indiana Town Cancels 'Family Friendly' Drag Show After Libs of TikTok Blew Whistle

Indiana Town Cancels 'Family Friendly' Drag Show After Libs of TikTok Blew Whistle

A community in Indiana has reversed course and will not hold a “family-friendly” drag queen show after the event was exposed by the “Libs Of TikTok” Twitter account.

“Pride in the Park” was advertised as being an “all ages” event in Jasper, Ind. According to the flyer, which Libs of TikTok shared in the post, tips were greatly appreciated since drag “is not cheap.”

Sponsors of the event, Dubois County Pride posted an announcement on Wednesday that the drag show was canceled due to heavy backlash.

:We regretfully announce that due to safety and security concerns, the family-friendly drag performance planned for Pride in the Park has been cancelled,” said a statement posted on Facebook. “This decision was jointly made by the City of Jasper, ONE- Dubois County, and the Dubois County Pride committee.”

“While the Dubois County Pride committee is disappointed by this development, we are in no way deterred. Our mission to promote and advocate love and equality remains steadfast,” the statement added.

The Daily Wire adds:

They went on to say that while the drag show wasn’t happening, the Pride in the Park would go on with bands, games, circus performances, face painters, and other entertainment for the family.

One activist expressed dismay over the cancellation and in particular, lamented the Libs of TikTok account.

“Libs of Tik Tok gloating about inciting stochastic terrorism,” the person wrote on Twitter. “A drag show had to be cancelled due to safety and security concerns. Twitter just lets this go on while a campaign of terror is being inflicted on LGBTQ people and orgs.”

The Daily Wire has previously reported on the mega thread on Libs of TikTok “where the account gathered multiple examples of drag events being explicitly marketed to children. There were many examples of drag queen story hours at libraries, including some which are publicly funded.”

“~MEGA DRAG THREAD~ They say it’s innocent. They say it’s just about inclusion and acceptance. They say no one is trying to confuse, corrupt, or sexualize kids. They lie,” the account owner wrote in the opening tweet.

The first video showed a drag show clip.

“A gay nightclub in Minnesota held a drag show for children earlier this month. One of the performers said in an interview ‘I want to give the kids an opportunity to see what drag queen/king life is like on a day to day basis,’” the caption says.

Another venue promoted an event called “Drag the Kids To Pride,” which encouraged kids to come up on the stage and actually hang out with the drag performers.

Last month, a pro-LGBTQ organization held a kid’s conference event at a church in Florida that will reportedly include a drag queen show.

“GLSEN Collier is hosting the inaugural Youth Pride Conference in Naples, FL for all local LGBTQ youth ages 12-18,” said a post about the event, which was held for kids ages 12 to 18 at the Naples United Church of Christ in Florida.


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