Illegal Aliens Shut Down NYC Bridge To Demand Billions in US Taxpayer Jobless Benefits

Illegal Aliens Shut Down NYC Bridge To Demand Billions in US Taxpayer Jobless Benefits

Once upon a time America was a serious country run by (mostly) serious people, but in the post-constitutional period we are currently living, it’s becoming absurdly obvious by the day that we are no longer very serious about much of anything.

For instance, a serious country run by serious people would never tolerate mass violations of our territorial integrity. We would never allow millions of people to simply walk into our country and begin demanding that our citizens take care of them. We would never, say, tolerate masses of illegal aliens to shut down a bridge in our country’s largest city to demand — demand, mind you — that taxpayers provide them with billions more in largess.

So, the fact that illegal aliens could shut down a bridge in New York City with impunity — no fear whatsoever that they will detained and immediately sent back to their country of origin — is yet another reminder America is no longer a serious nation.

The Blaze reports:

Thousands of illegal aliens shut down two bridges in New York City on Tuesday to protest for the government to pay $3 billion more into an unemployment benefit pool for illegals.

The illegal aliens and their activist supporters shut down traffic lanes on the Brooklyn bridge and the Manhattan bridge Tuesday morning.

Protesters called on New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) to place more taxpayer funding into the “Excluded Workers Fund,” which was initially created to pass out $2.1 billion of unemployment payments to illegal aliens affected by the pandemic.

WCBS-TV reported that the funds were distributed to about 130,000 illegal alien recipients before it ran out. Each received the maximum benefit which was $15,600.

“Immigrant workers lost everything during the pandemic, and those who receive these funds are able to get back on their feet. That’s why we’re here because there are thousands upon thousands more who did not receive those funds,” said illegal alien activist Diana Moreno.

Well, so did plenty of Americans who are not getting any help or recompense for it. And they are citizens.

The Blaze noted that one illegal immigrant named Xichitl Gomez complained via a translator that the funding ran out before she could access any of it, which then forced her to get food from a local food pantry.

To fix that ‘injustice,’ the illegal alien activists are noe demanding New Yorkers cough up another $3 billion.

And of course, New York’s insane Democratic legislative majority, led by Gov. Kathy Hochul, is ready to comply.

“Gov. Hochul and the Department of Labor have distributed more than $2 billion to immigrant New Yorkers through the Excluded Workers Fund — a commitment and level of benefits that far surpasses that of any other state,” said a statement in part. “The governor’s executive budget includes a commitment to work with the Legislature to determine the best way to invest an additional $2 billion in pandemic recovery initiatives.”

Meanwhile, the illegal aliens are also demanding that unemployment benefits be made permanent throughout New York — meaning, they want New York’s workers to pay for their existence in perpetuity.

Ditto for illegal immigrant ‘activists’ in California.

Here’s the thing in all of this: Serious countries command respect, unserious countries don’t — even if they have nuclear weapons.


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