House GOP Majority Will Turn Tables After Dems Went After Trump's Tax Records, Will Track Hunter Biden Money to Joe

House GOP Majority Will Turn Tables After Dems Went After Trump's Tax Records, Will Track Hunter Biden Money to Joe

The new House GOP majority will be hitting the ground running when the next Congress is sworn in come January, and finally, there will be some much-needed oversight of the Biden family.

Just the News reports that Republicans, angered by Democrats who successfully managed to convince federal courts to give them access to former President Donald Trump’s tax records, will be using a similar legal argument and strategy to obtain financial records from Hunter Biden, in the hopes of finding direct links from his business deals to his father, President Joe Biden, who is allegedly “the big guy” in emails and texts discovered on a laptop Hunter abandoned at a computer repair shop in 2019.

According to the outlet, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee, “fighting the Biden administration for access to some 150 Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) filed by banks concerning Hunter Biden’s financial transactions would allow investigators to determine to what extent, if any, Joe Biden benefited from his son’s foreign influence peddling.”

“This isn’t a fishing expedition,” Comer told the John Solomon Reports podcast earlier in the week. “We have every reason to believe that Hunter Biden was paying for living expenses for Joe Biden, a significant amount of living expenses. And we want to verify that.”

Comer added that Republicans will be following the Democratic playbook.

“The Democrats have set a precedent on this,” he explained. “They filed suit forcing former President Trump to have to turn over his tax records. So the Democrats have already set a precedent for bank records and tax records.”

Comer noted further that he expects a fight from the Biden regime, which is now claiming that SARs are exempt from congressional oversight.

“When the White House will inevitably say, ‘Well, Joe Biden wasn’t benefiting from Hunter’s shady business dealings,’ there’s gonna be a little ‘Wait a minute now, who was paying for this, and who was paying for that? How did the President afford this? Who paid for that?'” he explained. “And that’s why we need the bank records.”

The outlet adds:

Just the News reported in April that emails on a Hunter Biden laptop seized by the FBI show Joe Biden was more involved in Hunter Biden’s financial and business dealings than previously acknowledged and that the two commingled their finances at times.

For instance, the president allowed his son to pay some of his bills, diverted one of his tax refunds to Hunter, rubbed elbows with the first son’s foreign clients and even directly referred a friend who wanted to “do some work” with his son.


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