'Have Some Integrity': Liz Cheney's GOP Challenger Blasts Her Over Hubby's China Connection

'Have Some Integrity': Liz Cheney's GOP Challenger Blasts Her Over Hubby's China Connection

Harriet Hageman, the Wyoming attorney backed by former President Donald Trump who is challenging incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney this spring in the state’s GOP primary, took aim at her opponent following a report that her husband’s law firm has deep financial ties to Chinese firms.

“This is exactly the problem with Washington, D.C.,” Hageman said on the “John Solomon Reports” podcast on Wednesday as she blasted Cheney and her husband, Philip Perry.

Solomon’s outlet, Just The News, was first to report on the ties. The site also noted that Cheney, who was part of a 15-member China Task Force that produced an extensive report outlining the myriad of ways the country poses a national security threat to the U.S., spoke about it when the report was released.

“Cheney called on the U.S. to stand up to the ‘generational threat’ posed by China” in recent weeks “while unveiling a major report on Beijing’s ‘malign behavior’ at the same time her husband’s law firm was working on behalf of companies linked to China’s military, intelligence, and security services.”

However, while she spoke, “her husband Philip Perry’s law firm was cashing in on legal and lobbying work that his employer — Latham & Watkins (LW), one of the largest law firms in the world — was doing for a host of Chinese companies, some of which were involved in the kind of activity that Cheney was warning had to be stopped,” the outlet continued.

Just The News noted that Perry himself did not actually work on the Chinese accounts, but went on to point out that any profits the firm takes in would benefit him as well — and his congresswoman wife.

“What do we find out when we dig a little bit deeper” is that “her husband and she are personally, financially benefiting from working for China and Kazakhstan and Belarus and Saudi Arabia,” Hageman said, according to the outlet.

“He has a choice, he can either work with his firm and take the stand that his wife is apparently advocating publicly, and say, ‘We’re not going to represent countries or companies that, number one have problems with human rights abuses and number two, who are really kind of in a soft war with the United States.’ Or you can go to another law firm,” said Hageman. “Have some integrity.”

Cheney’s apparent hypocrisy was not lost on another America First Trump supporter, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

“It’s the kind of say one thing do another that Americans hate in Washington, D.C.,” Meadows, who served with Cheney in Congress as a GOP lawmaker from North Carolina before joining the Trump White House, said last week. “Liz Cheney will have a lot of explaining to do to the Wyoming voters.”

During a press conference regarding the China Task Force report, Cheney said, “China is rapidly developing a military force that is capable of winning regional conflicts and they’re expanding their military footprint globally.

“The government of China and the Chinese Communist Party have gone to school on the United States — they’ve looked at our capabilities … and they have developed capabilities to counter those,” she added.

“We must counter the Chinese Communist Party globally as it seeks to establish more robust logistics and basing infrastructure around the world as it seeks to project its own military power. It is very important for everyone to note that we are in the midst of a battle between freedom and totalitarianism. The question we all face is whether the United States and our allies will set the rules of the road into the future or whether the Chinese Communist Party and that authoritarian, totalitarian regime will set the rules of the road,” Cheney said.

Meanwhile, her husband’s law firm is helping to enrich the same regime that poses the biggest threat to America.

You can’t make this stuff up.


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