Gun Control Fail: California Mass Shootings Remain High Despite Restrictive Gun Laws

Gun Control Fail: California Mass Shootings Remain High Despite Restrictive Gun Laws

California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, especially when it comes to so-called “assault weapons,” but they don’t seem to be deterring crime, especially mass shootings.

In fact, according to the latest data, the Golden State has another dubious ‘honor’: It ranks second in mass shootings, despite the restrictive Democrat-imposed gun control regime.

The Daily Caller reported:

Despite a long history of gun laws aimed at curbing gun violence in the state, 14% of U.S. mass shooting fatalities have taken place in California, making it the state with the second most mass shooting fatalities, just behind Texas, according to data reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Since 1982, there have been 23 mass shootings and 152 fatalities in California, according to Mother Jones data on mass shootings in the U.S. over the last 40 years. The database shows 1,074 mass shooting fatalities since 1982, and California, which comprises 12% of the US’ population, accounted for 14% of the fatalities – not including the three California mass shootings in January.

“Contrary to the claims of Newsom and his ilk, California gun laws have not given the state dramatically less mass shooting deaths. As the data shows, we have our share and then some. Newsom will usually also claim that California has less ‘gun deaths’ thanks to its gun laws,” attorney Konstadinos Moros told the Daily Caller. “In terms of overall homicide, California is unremarkable.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller noted the state of Arizona, which has some of the least restrictive gun laws, is ranked the lowest in terms of the number of mass shootings since 1982: One, with six fatalities. The state has just 2 percent of the country’s population, while California is the most populous in the country with around 39 million people. However, Arizona accounts for less than 0.6 percent of mass shootings, the Mother Jones database shows.

“Texas, a moderate state for gun laws, has had 12 mass shootings and 151 fatalities since 1982, according to Mother Jones data. Texas  is 8.7% of the U.S. population but accounts for 14% of mass shootings fatalities in the U.S.,” the Daily Caller noted. “New York, a restrictive state for gun owners, has had 5 mass shootings and 40 fatalities since 1982, according to Mother Jones Data. Now York is 6% of the U.S.’ population and accounts for 3.7% of mass shootings fatalities in the U.S.”

California, however, is considered to be the number one state in terms of gun laws. The state requires background checks, is restrictive on how it issues concealed carry permits, bans ‘assault weapons’ and ‘ghost guns,’ does not allow high-capacity magazines, and bars handgun purchases to residents under the age of 21. In addition, the state requires handguns to be microstamped and limits where concealed carry permit holders can take their weapons.

“California continues to demonstrate that governments that choose to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens’ while embracing policies that are soft-on-crime create communities where criminals thrive and good citizens are left defenseless,” National Rifle Association Communications Executive Lars Dalseide told the Daily Caller.


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