GOP 'Whited Out President Obama During History Month,' Critics Charge

GOP 'Whited Out President Obama During History Month,' Critics Charge

Some of the usual Democrat gaslighters took the opportunity on Monday to further divide Americans needlessly with an attack on a Republican National Committee meme honoring several former GOP presidents by turning it into a race thing.

The meme, which was in celebration of President’s Day, took a political shot at Joe Biden as well, as noted by The Blaze:

The meme included images of Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. Words spread throughout the meme said, “Happy Presidents’ Day to Such Great U.S. Presidents.” But in the center of the meme, a space with a photo of current President Joe Biden included text declaring, “Not You.”

The daughter of the most uncivil Speaker of the House in modern history, Christine Pelosi, tweeted that Republicans “whited out” former President Barack Obama in one of the worst hot takes of all.

“If you want to know what Republicans ‘anti-CRT education’ looks like, here it is! They whited out President Obama during Black History Month,” Christine Pelosi tweeted.

Not to be outdone, habitual racial gaslighter and host of a little-watched MSNBC show, Joy Reid, declared in a stretch of stretches: “Disappearing the first Black president while whitewashing Richard Nixon and disrespecting the man who served as the first Black president’s VP, who is now president. Notable as this party writes education mandates telling your kids’ teachers what they are allowed to teach…”

“They put Nixon there POSITIVELY, but not Biden. And, of course, the @GOP would like you to think that Barack Obama never existed at all,” wrote Elie Mystal of far-left The Nation.

The Republican Party of Arizona had a different take, tweeting, “What’s wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing.”

However, conservative attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted, “The GOP really thought this tweet was a good idea,” adding a grimace and laugh emojis.

Look, it doesn’t take a genius — or maybe it does? — to know that there hasn’t been a black Republican president yet (and there’s only been one black Democrat president), so it’s not a stretch to understand why Obama wouldn’t be included in a meme promoting great GOP presidents. But no matter; facts aren’t an issue with Democrat race hustlers.

What is also important to note is that complaints about promoting Republican presidents on president’s day by the Republican Party should actually not come as a surprise to anyone; no doubt had the Democratic National Committee had thought to do so, a similar meme would not have (presumably) contained any GOP presidents.

But to the point about Obama, is that all that matters to Democrats — not that he was ‘great,’ per se, but that he wasn’t white (though his mother was)? Because if that’s the case, the party faithful have proven once again the only thing that really matters are appearances, not achievements.


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