Georgia Mom Speaks Out Following Confrontation With School Board Over Sexually Explicit Book

Georgia Mom Speaks Out Following Confrontation With School Board Over Sexually Explicit Book

Increasingly, parents — liberal and conservative — are pushing back against racist, divisive, and sexually inappropriate materials and curricula being force-fed to their children by the social and cultural activists who run their kids’ schools.

That includes deep-red districts in places like northern Georgia.

Michelle Brown, a mother who recently confronted a school board over obviously sexually explicit materials,  joined Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday to talk about how some school board officials recently attempted to censor her as she read portions of a book found in the school’s library during a session.

“Excuse me, we have children at home that’s live-streaming this,” one board member interrupted, to which Brown responded, “Don’t you find the irony in that?”

During her interview with Ingraham, Brown explained that board members did not see the irony and hypocrisy, adding that she is noticing the trend toward extremely graphic and questionable education materials, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“And the irony is even more so is that I’m in Cherokee County, Georgia, and we are one of the top Republican counties in the state,” she said of the area where she lives, which lies halfway between Atlanta and Dawsonville.

Fox News adds:

“I love my county. I love where I live. I love being in a conservative town. I love my schools, the school system,” she said, adding that since 2021, parents have been coming forward at such forums elsewhere in the country to question some of the curricula and materials being made available to their children without their knowledge.

Being in a conservative North Georgia county, Brown said she never thought the controversy would reach her school district. The excerpt she read at the meeting appeared to describe a steamy encounter between two individuals, delving into graphic details.

Host Laura Ingraham noted the school district’s statement to Fox News, which said Brown doesn’t have children at the particular school in question, and that she could file a formal challenge to remove the book.

“We did,” Brown said in response to the board’s statement.

“Our group is a … grassroots [group] and we have about 10 to 12 of us, and they’re parents, grandparents — they have elementary, middle school, high school students within CCSD,” she said, adding that if she or another parent were to give the book she cited during the board meeting to one of their own children or to another child, they could be charged and if found guilty jailed for contributing-to-delinquency crimes as well as others.

It’s not clear what’s worse — the fact that school administrators and teachers actually believe that providing books to children legitimizing pedophilia and homosexual sex among minors is perfectly fine, or that school boards elected to oversee school districts allow such materials.

Either way, it’s likely that more elections will flip away from Democrats in the future — like they did in Virginia in November — if the party continues to embrace this depravity for our nation’s children.



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