Gavin Newsom Opponent Says California Is Lawless

Gavin Newsom Opponent Says California Is Lawless

California gubernatorial candidate Michael Shellenberger went after his opponent Gavin Newsom during an appearance on Fox News America Reports.

“George Soros is the biggest donor of these radical left district attorneys and of Gavin Newsom. Their agenda is just to shut down the prisons, let the prisoners out without rehabilitating them first,” Shellenberger said, according to “America Reports.” “That’s why you see a crisis of chaos, the open-air drug markets, the fentanyl deaths. The people of California, we are very liberal people, but we do have our limits…we want to see law and order in the cities…the state.”

Shellenberger made the comments after a video went viral showing.a 17-year-old ramming into a mother and young infant in Venice.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva responded to a claim by District Attorney George Gascon that the sheriffs department had allowed the alleged driver to be given a lenient sentence.

Villanueva said that he was “never consulted” on the matter and that his department is investigators would not approve of a lighter sentence, according to Fox News.

“Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department was not involved in the decision on the felony charge,” they later said.

“That’s pretty typical of what we’ve seen at all levels of government,” Shellenberger remarked.

“The fish rots from the head down, and so you’ve seen Governor Gavin Newsom has released 30,000 people from our prisons, reducing the prison population from around 128,000 to 98,000.”

“I’m drawing support in equal measure from Republicans, Independents, Democrats…one of the things that we love about California is the weather, the ability to walk safely through our cities…that’s not possible anymore,” Shellenberger continued.

“We’ve got to take back our cities from the criminals, the open drug dealers, the gangs, and from the radical left agenda, which is to really de-police — shut down the policing, shut down the prisons. We need law and order. We want to be compassionate. We can do both.”


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