Gaslighting CBS Correspondent Major Garrett Claims U.S. '85 Percent' Towards Second Civil War

Gaslighting CBS Correspondent Major Garrett Claims U.S. '85 Percent' Towards Second Civil War

The far-left, Democrat-supporting ‘mainstream’ media is continuing to gaslight the country into conflict in a way that almost makes it seem as though they are rooting for it.

In an interview with the Daily Beast to promote his new book, “The Big Truth: Upholding Democracy in the Age of ‘The Big Lie,’” coauthored with CBS News election law contributor David Becker, CBS News correspondent Major Garrett claimed Americans are close to another civil war.

“We wanted to show people that what we’re talking about is just incremental steps from where we already are,” Garrett told the outlet. “I don’t think anyone reading that first chapter can honestly say, ‘Oh, that could never happen.’ They have to say, ‘Holy crap, we’re 85 percent there.’”

In a subsequent interview on his own network during Sunday’s “Face the Nation” program, Garrett, who is the network’s chief Washington correspondent, claimed that the current political climate is the “most dangerous” that he has seen in his three-and-a-half decade career covering D.C. And naturally, he blamed it on former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

“It feels more dangerous than any I’ve encountered in covering politics at the national level since 1990,” Garrett told host Margaret Brennan. “Stating what clearly happened in 2020, it wasn’t a fraudulent election, no crime was committed. That doesn’t mean you have to be happy with the result, but one of the burdens of democracy is when you’re unhappy with the result your obligation is to win the next election. Not slander baselessly the election you fairly lost.

“We have a component of American politics that now wants to slander an election that was fairly lost,” Garrett continued. “Because they’re unhappy. That unhappiness does not entitle you to drag down American democracy, Margaret, because if we enter a phase in American life where either political party refuses to accept a fair and verified election simply because it lost then we will dismantle democracy bit by bit, before our very eyes.”

In fact, Democrats are the party of election denial, as evidenced by their reaction to Trump’s 2016 victory, in which they either objected to his electoral victory or deemed him “illegitimate” for years afterward.

Garrett then doubled down on his gaslighting.

“That’s what I am, what we are driving at when we talk about the coming contours of not a bloody civil war, but a procedural Civil War where we separate ourselves from another and the Union, the United States itself, bit by bit becomes to break- begins to break apart,” Garrett said.

His co-author, Becker, agreed.

“[Public officials] are facing an onslaught of threats and harassment and abuse in the aftermath of the 2020 election that is completely divorced from the reality of their success,” he said. “The election professionals all over the country, red states, blue states, Republicans, Democrats somehow managed the highest turnout we’ve ever seen in American history in the middle of a global pandemic. And the ultimate results of this election were- withstood scrutiny from 60 courts around the country. It was remarkable. And yet they have found themselves subjected to so many death threats, threats to their families, harassment and abuse over the course of the last nearly two years and it’s taken its toll.”

Those victories aside, there are no constitutional provisions for courts to overturn a state’s electoral results, so in that respect, it can be said that the Judicial Branch operated as designed.

“The great fear I have, Margaret, is politics is a lot like the NFL, it’s a copycat League, whatever succeeds, you replicate,” Garrett chimed in. “On the right, in the Trump world now, the fastest way to social media, fame and fundraising is to deny the 2020 election. You don’t think Democrats aren’t watching that and may be tempted by the same social media and fundraising lure- that that has? They will be. That’s why we have to stop it, back away from it, and say, not here, not this place. This part of our civic life is sacred. We’re going to inspect it and respect it and accept the results.”

Maybe Garrett should direct some of his ire to “Biden world” after the current president deemed half the country threats to democracy while his politically motivated Justice Department is targeting conservatives.



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