TCKS FULL TRANSCRIPT - Canada's Convoy for Freedom Sends Trudeau Into Hiding

TCKS FULL TRANSCRIPT - Canada's Convoy for Freedom Sends Trudeau Into Hiding

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Charlie Kirk: [00:00:00] Hey, everybody, a Canadian trucker update as the protest in Ottawa continues. We also have Richard Barris from Big Data Poll to talk about redistricting and how we might lose the House before a vote is even cast. E-mail us your thoughts. As always, freedom at If you want to support our show, go to slash support. If you want to get involved with Turning Point USA. Go to TPUSA, where we play offense with a sense of urgency to win the American culture war to pass down American values from one generation to the other. TPUSA. Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. [00:00:37][36.7]

Intro: [00:00:37] Charlie, what you’ve done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie’s, an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He’s done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That’s why we are here. [00:01:08][30.6]

Charlie Kirk: [00:01:10] Brought to You by Andrew and Todd Sierra Pacific Mortgage for personalized loan services, you can count on Go to, the wonderful [00:01:18][8.0]

Charlie Kirk: [00:01:22] At some point, everyone reaches their breaking point. Our friendly neighbors to the north, the Canadians, they seem to have reached their breaking point over the weekend now. If you have not heard about this news story. I just want to emphasize. The power. Of the activists press to be able to suppress and to be able to distract and cover up legitimate stories that are happening in real time. The trucker convoy that has happened all across Canada is nothing short of miraculous. Traveling thousands of miles to the capital city of Ottawa, the Canadian truckers supported by millions of their fellow Canadians. Waltz right into Ottawa to demand an end to the vaccine mandates. Now, this has been covered, if at all, by the media as trying to propagandize you to believe that this is some sort of fringe minority. Justin Trudeau himself called this a fringe group with unacceptable views, and you might wonder where is Justin Trudeau? Well, Justin Trudeau, despite being triple vax boosted in masking all the time, he has contracted COVID. It’s funny how those vaccine mandates work. Justin Trudeau tweeted out, he said, I have COVID now, go get vaccinated. Or so he says. Maybe that’s just an excuse not to address the people in the streets of Ottawa. Now it’s happening in Canada is nothing short of a revival of the citizen. You see the people need to be rulers of their civilization, not subjects, it is the people who are the sovereign. The representatives, like Justin Trudeau, are supposed to serve at the will of the people. That paradigm has been upside down for quite some time. And Canada is a very interesting example and Canada is no different, by the way, than San Francisco or Seattle or Portland or New York City in this regard, which is the very same hand that gives you the stimulus check. Is the same hand that will force the jab into your shoulder, the very same hand that will make you feel safe. For the time being, by locking everyone down at home is the same hand that will put a mask on your six year old daughter. Put simply, the hand that feeds you is also the hand that will mandate you. So Canada is an interesting example for a variety of different reasons, one of which is that. Canada has always had this kind of very pleasant. Atmosphere of living of. Existing as neighbors to one another are very peaceful people, one might call it a very agreeable people as well. But Canada is also this very interesting example, and Trudeau is a great, great embodiment of it, of where liberalism takes you. So Trudeau has been an advocate of decriminalizing almost all drugs, but an advocate of the transgender movement, oh, you just must tolerate them. We are told we must just accept it. But at the back end of every liberal movement. Or the liberalization of people is the inevitable. Clenched fist that is going to terrorize you. You see, Trudeau positions himself to the people of Canada as a tolerant, almost a 1970s hippie who went to far north in Woodstock and somehow stumbled into the lands of Canada, and he’s never left. He positions himself as someone who says we are an accepting, open minded people, I could play tape after tape, after tape, after tape of Trudeau saying we as Canadians, our values are open mindedness and global thinking. But almost immediately, when their power is threatened or when they see an opening, they go from someone who is allegedly very tolerant and very open minded to a Third World dictator. Saying that we’re going to shut down the entire country, we are going to arrest pastors. We are going to do whatever it takes. To stop the spread of the invisible virus. How’s the American media treating this will cut five morning Joe called the truckers a cult and complain that they’re vandalizing national monuments. Oh, did you call BLM a cult when they were ripping down statues or and they were burning down federal buildings? Of course not. Play cut five. [00:06:20][297.9]

Cut 5: [00:06:21] The demonstrations were initially aimed at pushback against vaccine mandates for truck drivers crossing the US Canada border. But the movement escalated into an expression of disapproval with the Canadian government’s COVID 19 policies. Officials say several investigations are underway into reports of severe vandalism and criminal behavior, including the desecration of national monuments. Now they have met the enemy and the enemy. Their enemy is themselves because they’ve become what they hated coming. It’s a call to. [00:07:00][38.5]

Charlie Kirk: [00:07:01] You ever called BLM a cult? Of course not. These are normal people, these are truckers that are trying to fight for their freedom. My heart goes out to them because it’s just a matter of time before the Canadian government really locks down on them. Clamps down on them. The question is, will the Canadian police and the Canadian? Military actually take the orders. We’ll see. Play cut sex convoy, protesters carefully clean and take care of the Terry Fox Memorial in downtown Ottawa, the exact opposite. What they are told is happening play cut six. They literally cleaning the memorial, not vandalizing the memorial. A Canadian trucker has been was asked, how long will you stay in Ottawa play cut 12. [00:07:52][50.9]

Cut 12: [00:07:53] Why did you feel it was important to come to the event? Because I want to fight for the freedoms of Canada and my grandchildren or my kids? All right. And how long do you plan on staying? I plan on staying until it’s over. So Justin resigns. All men turn left. All right, and what would you say to Trudeau if he was here right now? I would ask him if he’s going to listen to the. And lots of people have a choice because we don’t have a choice in his legislation. Awesome. Anything else that you want to add? Freedom [00:08:30][36.2]

Charlie Kirk: [00:08:32] It’s a beautiful thing. They’re going to get clamped down on very quickly by the Canadian government, they’re going to call them domestic terrorists, just wait. They’re going to say we have a domestic terrorist uprising. I guarantee you that Justin Trudeau’s on on the phone right now with his friends from the FBI in America. How do I deal with this? Just call them domestic terrorists, and everything gets better. He’s probably asking American intelligence to spy on them, because technically they can, because it’s a foreign country. He’s probably asking the NSA, Hey, can you spy on them and get some intelligence on who these people are? Who’s organizing them? People are rising up in Canada. Citizens want their c ountry back, and there’s so much more I want to cover it up. [00:09:17][45.2]

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Charlie Kirk: [00:10:52] I talked to some friends in Canada over the weekend, great people, really godly and strong and American loving people. And they said to me, Charlie, I told you, you know, we Canadians are really polite, but you push us so much. We’re going to fight back. And that’s what’s happening right now in Canada. And what’s been amazing to see is how the American media has joined in the chorus of trying to clamp down on these Canadian truckers, but what would you expect? It’s not like it’s the Canadian transgender march. It’s not the Canadian Indigenous Peoples March, no. This is the muscular class, and guess what I guarantee at you ready if this thing continues. I’m going to make a prediction here. Somebody somewhere is going to say, well, it’s a mostly white trucker group. Well, this is the muscular class. The very same group of people that. The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bezos, all these people have total contempt for. What you are seeing happen in Canada is a blue collar revival. We need truckers to keep our entire supply chain together. Also, just from like kind of a lack of wisdom perspective, Trudeau not exactly smart to antagonize truckers when you already can’t get food and things on the shelves. Not exactly wise, but he doesn’t care. Trudeau came out of hiding to prophesy that there will be three more months of winter. That’s the groundhog. I’m sorry that happens tomorrow, right February 1st. Is that right? Am I right, Groundhog Day? It’s a great movie with Bill Murray. Justin Trudeau, there has been a sighting. We found him. Man, he looks like Fidel Castro. Oh, my goodness, does he look like Fidel Castro acts like him to pluck out? 14. [00:12:58][125.7]

Cut 14: [00:13:01] Hello, everyone. Almost that rumor that I see or this morning. I’d like to address the millions of Canadians who are making responsible decisions to ensure their safety and the safety of their loved ones. If I know that this, this pandemic has been frustrating. After two years, the battle against COVID 19 is still dominating so many parts of our lives. This virus affects us all. [00:13:27][25.9]

Charlie Kirk: [00:13:28] So can we play cut 13 of Pierre Polo, I love all these French names, by the way. I’m just getting up to date of Canadian politics. Pierre, pull over. Do we have that OK? This is a member of Parliament in Canada. Cut 13. [00:13:41][12.5]

Cut 13: [00:13:42] Governments have taken advantage of COVID to try and take away our freedom and give them selves more power. Starting with Trudeau, who was deputy PM, said that this was a political opportunity and that’s how the Liberals have viewed this from the very beginning of the political opportunity. And right now, they’re trying to win popularity by targeting what they perceive as an unpopular minority and spread fear. Keep everyone afraid for as long as possible is what the Liberals are doing. But we have to replace that fear with freedom and optimism. That’s why we’re here. Yeah. [00:14:14][32.3]

Charlie Kirk: [00:14:15] So why does Trudeau have such contempt for the truckers? Was very simply. Trudeau has contempt for those who do work that he could never do, you think that Trudeau could actually ever lift a box or actually ever drive a car? Of course. I mean, he could drive a car. Of course I’m saying, but it’s tough work. Trudeau’s a very weak person. He was born into a political family, never worked an honest day in his life. He’s been the worst prime minister of my life of Canada. I don’t follow Canadian politics that closely. But he has been. Just so incredibly tyrannical and out of touch with the people of Canada for quite some time. And he almost has no self-awareness of how shallow he is, what constituency he’s serving. I’m not exactly sure do we have that tape, which one 16? Yeah, play cut 16. [00:15:11][56.5]

Cut 16: [00:15:13] I have attended protests and rallies in the past when I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues, Black Lives Matter is an excellent example of that. But I have also chosen to not go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric, violence towards fellow citizens and a disrespect not just of science but of the frontline health workers and quite frankly, the 90 percent of truckers who have been doing the right thing. [00:15:47][34.1]

Charlie Kirk: [00:15:48] Incredible. No, BLM is fine. All that burning and looting just blowing off steam. Peaceful truckers to Ottawa. You’re the problem. There is a collision course between the elites and the people, and it’s playing out in Canada right now. Right now with us is Richard Baris from Big Data pulls smarter and better looking than Nate Silver. And Richard, welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show. [00:16:12][23.9]

Richard Baris: [00:16:12] I love that introduction. Thanks for having me back, Charlie. It’s good to be here. [00:16:15][3.0]

Charlie Kirk: [00:16:15] So I’m hearing a lot of different whispers from people. I’m getting some calls from senators and congressmen, and I was texting last night with some people that are rather important all about this issue of maps. Now I know some people might be listening to this on radio. So what are you talking about? Maps, OK? Every 10 years, we have to redraw our maps congressional maps because of the census. And Richard, in certain states, let’s start with New York. It is a bloodbath. Take it away. [00:16:44][28.5]

Richard Baris: [00:16:45] Yeah. Republicans are timid. They’re playing a timid game here. You look at somewhere like New York, California, even out in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon, New Mexico. What Democrats are generally doing, which we should have expected because people like Elissa Slotkin openly said they would. Marc Elias and Co. in the discrepancy are using more urban votes to carve out, you know, the swinging areas and also more right leaning areas to basically dilute those votes with the larger urban votes. Now there their argument is it’s all about population Charlie, but it’s not. I mean, every state can be a little bit different. Some states have a legislature doing it. Others, like California, have a commission doing it. The bottom line is and Virginia, by the way, Sean trendy from broke up politics was on that in Virginia is another example. It’s not all about population, it’s also about geography. And there’s a reason why it is. People have to be represented in urban America is very different. So in New York, using Albany to carve out, you know, rural votes to the North, it’s obvious what they’re doing now. The latest one in New York with the force Republicans see the latest proposal is not terrible. It’s not as good as the other one. They were trying to go as low as two Republican seats. But what they’re doing and they did this in New York is either completely missed the deadline, Charlie, or wait until the very last minute, and that is to avoid public comment. So or at least to shorten it so they don’t get completely battered by the public over it. You know, but they’re playing away, and Republicans are playing timid, as always. [00:18:25][100.5]

Charlie Kirk: [00:18:26] So what? What are some? What are some of the other states? Because this was supposed to be a good kind of re redistricting cycle for Republicans, but it’s turning out not to be. What are some of the other states that aren’t going the direction they should be? [00:18:39][13.2]

Richard Baris: [00:18:40] Right. So they use Portland. They basically carved Portland up into three different areas. Actually, I think the latest maps for to to dilute some of the member Dino Rossi, he’s he’s another one out in Washington state where they tried to basically use the more urban areas. But Albuquerque, New Mexico, is another one. They split it right down the middle. You know, basically diluting the rest of the vote statewide and in California. Devin Nunes was completely written out, and I have the inside story because I was involved there at the very last minute, the deadline, the commission completely blew past it. They had all of these different iterations that receives public comment. And then at the very last minute, the establishment’s from the parties and special interest groups, which I don’t know what LGBT special interest groups have to do with redistricting. But they came in and they just wrote a totally new map, and that’s the map the commission adopted. Devin Nunes was still written out of that map, but also David Valadao. His seat is now De Plus 10. He’s probably going to lose. I don’t know how he even in a good year, it may be hard for David to hold on. And, you know, Kevin McCarthy sitting pretty. But that’s really those maps are designed to keep challengers out to benefit the left and then keep out challengers. And that’s what happened. [00:19:58][77.5]

Charlie Kirk: [00:19:58] Now, aren’t there some court rulings, though, that show they can’t explicitly gerrymander or the Democrats just ignoring that and they’re going ahead and doing it anyway? [00:20:05][6.5]

Richard Baris: [00:20:06] They’re good at shopping. I mean, this is what Marc Elias does. You know? Then again, it’s like there was a judge who said it, once you know, it’s it’s difficult to define gerrymandering. It’s like pornography. It’s difficult to define. But you know it when you see it. So they’re very good at at that map of New York will survive. Probably if it’s if they leave the four hour mark, that will probably survive a court challenge. Out in California, nobody’s even trying Charlie. Nobody’s even trying. In fact, they wrote a new district, which is actually very winnable. I pulled it. It’s the new CD 13 they beefed up. Jim Costa, who was in danger of losing his old seat in 16, the old 16, even though he had won it by 20 something points. That’s how bad Republicans are beating Democrats in these in these districts right now. But CD 13 is up for grabs. Adam Gray, a Democrat, is getting all the local Republican support. I kid you not. This is the it’s really when it comes down to it, you know, voters Republican voters need to demand more from their leaders because they just roll over, buddy. I mean, they just roll right over. [00:21:11][64.7]

Charlie Kirk: [00:21:11] So talk about these alleged independent redistricting commissions. They’re anything but independent is what it seems like. Oh, so talk about that. [00:21:17][6.6]

Richard Baris: [00:21:19] Yeah, so, you know, full disclosure, I pull for David Giglio. He’s running in the new 13. So this is how I saw this process. They are not at all. Yeah. They are not at all impartial. Even the Republicans are your typical kind of establishment. I don’t like using the word moderate. Moderate means you don’t know what. If you’re moderate, then you don’t know what you believe. I don’t know what that means, but basically they are more timid Republicans. They know they are outvoted in that state, so they just play nice even in. Again, it’s not really nonpartisan. The idea that these are not like legislatures so they’re not politically motivated at all is totally ridiculous. I mean, I see people like David Wasserman and others making that, you know, making that argument. That’s nonsense. They pick up the phone from special interest groups. They know everybody. Everybody’s got a friend. That’s how you end up on that commission. And the reason I don’t like them is because in Virginia, for instance, if the voters of Virginia don’t like that map and they’re mad, they can hold their state legislature accountable. They can’t do that now. How can they hold John trendy accountable, right? They can’t. So they just completely take this power out of the hands of voters and put it into the hands of commissions, which everybody everybody got, you know, a say in who gets on it. And then everybody, you know, gets a call into their body to to make sure that their seat is either shored up or another challenger is drawn out. It’s nonsense. Nonpartisan. [00:22:52][93.0]

Charlie Kirk: [00:22:52] So coming in, not coming in in November, we’re told there’s going to be a red wave. I believe that. But if the maps are so terrible, that red wave might turn from an hour plus thirty five majority to an hour plus 10 or 15. How bad is it nationwide? Truly, maybe I’m misreading this, Richard. But are Republicans generally losing the redistricting fight nationwide? [00:23:12][20.0]

Richard Baris: [00:23:14] Yeah, they are. Absolutely. And then in states like North Carolina, they were bold in North Carolina, but I and I would argue they they, you know, everyone’s different, right? Everyone has a different opinion. Somebody on the left probably would not like what happened in North Carolina, but that that’s, you know, like you said, every 10 years we we get the census. The general consensus in North Carolina was that eastern North Carolina did not get surveyed properly. So there’s that argument that Republicans are are fighting in a state like that. But Florida, which is getting more and more Republican every day, they just I mean, the governor has to come out and say, this is what the map should look like. I mean, that’s how ridiculous Republicans are. That being said, even in the latest poll we just put out a few days ago, it’s a Republican plus seven on the generic ballot. That’s a big lead, Charlie. I mean, [00:24:03][49.5]

Charlie Kirk: [00:24:04] when you put my fear though, Richard, though, I agree. But in six years from now, all of a sudden we’re going to be dealing with such bad maps. And let’s say the generic is de plus three and it becomes a blowout beyond anything we should have ever ever happened, right? So why are we so [00:24:20][15.6]

Richard Baris: [00:24:20] know that concerns valid Charlie? Yeah, concerns valid. [00:24:23][2.3]

Charlie Kirk: [00:24:23] Why? Why are Republicans so sheepish with this? Because 10 years ago, Republicans were rather enthusiastic about designing maps that would benefit Republicans. And look, it’s I wish it wasn’t the case. I wish we lived in a different country where everyone got along. But it’s kind of brass knuckle politics. It’s like, OK, in New York, you’re going to turn Lee Zeldin, a district from our plus four to D plus 11, like, OK, welcome to Texas. We’re not going to let that, you know, that’s the way it should work. But it seems like Republicans are trying to take this alleged higher road or higher ground. Or is it they’re afraid of the DOJ or what is it? I can’t quite understand it. [00:24:59][35.6]

Richard Baris: [00:24:59] Yeah. You know, I talked to something you just mentioned, Texas. I really think that some of it is, you know, regular Republican weakness, which is something we’ve been dealing with for a long time. In 10, they had to undo a lot of democratic dominance with the boundaries, you know, Democrats screaming gerrymandering over a place like Texas Democrats, said Jared, for the better part of the 20th century going into the new millennium. So this was a kind of a ridiculous argument to make. But Republicans this time around, I think they are afraid of the DOJ. I do, and I know some are in Texas. So I did speak to somebody and they were lamenting, you know, look, look over to the West just right to look at what they did with Albuquerque. And they’re having a problem with us. They’re going to target us. You know, when people play political lawfare, then things get crazy, Charlie, you know, they get they get crazy and people get, you know, they fear it. They do. [00:25:56][56.5]

Charlie Kirk: [00:25:57] Yeah, Republicans are going to come. But yeah, they’re not ready for. No, they’re not at all. So what state, if any, is going well for Republicans in redistricting? [00:26:05][7.9]

Richard Baris: [00:26:07] North Carolina went well, Ohio went well because the fear there was that, you know, DeWine was going to be kind of weak and not spearheaded, but that that that did or a Florida. Folks, you’ve got to look at Florida, the governor DeSantis map that he released, I think is a little bit ridiculous, but it’s a beginning bargaining position, right? So you start with what you’re most ideal situation would be. And then you guys kind of, you know, trading horse trade for the rest, that’s the way it’s done. So in Florida, it could really turn out Charlie, where Democrats get at least one seat, maybe two that they really shouldn’t have anymore. And by the way, just so everybody, I really have to mention this. This is why Trump wanted the census to ask about immigration status. No kidding. Because Albany and Kings County, you know, they wouldn’t be able to make these arguments if they, you know, if we knew that the percentages. [00:27:04][56.5]

Charlie Kirk: [00:27:04] We count illegals in the census illegal. So we have foreign nationals that are counted in our allocation of citizens. [00:27:10][6.4]

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Charlie Kirk: [00:28:17] So how popular is Joe Biden, Richard? [00:28:18][1.4]

Richard Baris: [00:28:20] Pretty unpopular. So the last and I told people this was going to happen. Joe Biden does not have a base. Excuse me, everybody needs to remember this as we move forward. He never had a base. He was. We called him the great unremarkable. You know, Donald Trump had, you know, 40 percent of the country’s 38, 40 percent. It would constantly tell us they strongly approve of the job he does. No matter what he did, it wasn’t going to budge. Obama was the same way. Joe Biden is always in mired in the toes with that number, if he’s lucky. Strongly disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing. Charlie is now at the number of Trump, and Obama had four people who who love that, who strongly approved of that. So after COVID, it became clear on COVID, where he did have high marks in our polling for a while. But after it became clear that he wasn’t really going to be better at handling the pandemic and that approval started to fall, it all collapsed for him in. On immigration, he’s in the low 30s foreign policy, the low 30s on all of the measures of a president. He is in the 30s. Overall, we have him at about 39 percent. There is still some goodwill there over the pandemic, but we have him now. He fell into the low 40s for the pandemic. So and a good fifty five percent disapproving. So, you know, you can almost overlap those two trends. And there’s right now what we saw in this poll was a crack in the Democratic base. The the liberal, the far more left wing, you know, side of the Democratic Party is joining with the very few remaining conservative Democrats in disliking him. So Democratic approval now is almost 20 percent in our poll. While we haven’t seen base fracture like that, I’ve never see. I’ve never polled the president in my career. Would base fracture like that last time because I did go back to look to see when the last time happened to a new president, it was Jimmy Carter. Wow. So that’s where Biden is. But I mean, [00:30:13][112.8]

Charlie Kirk: [00:30:13] as the real deal with him as relentlessly attacked Trump, his base only grew. It never fracture. It stayed with him throughout the entire presidency. So we have about three minutes remaining. Richard, what do you think that means for the midterms and what is the Democrats strategy going to be because they’re going to try to do all sorts of different tricks and all sorts of different surprises because they’re not going to accept these numbers. They know they’re catastrophic. What could their plan potentially be? [00:30:37][24.5]

Richard Baris: [00:30:39] That’s what redistricting was part of that plan, so they they know what’s coming, they’re not they’re not fooling themselves. You know the idea, though, you know, I was reading an article in Politico, they’re they’re fundamentally misunderstanding their problem. So they think they just they’ve done a lot and they’re bad at communicating to the American people what they’ve done. No, you’re what you what you have done is unpopular. If you look at that poll, Charlie, that we did, we asked about shortages. We asked about inflation. And on on typical grocery store items. Inflation is now overtaking jobs and the economy is the number one issue. Coronavirus is a very distant number three and almost tied with immigration. So and when we asked people about COVID, why did you pick COVID? Only only about half of them said That’s because they think we’re getting too loose. We need to, you know, get more strict mitigation measures. The other half picked it because they can’t stand the mandates, so it’s not even a universally positive issue for Democrats at this point. We asked about those shortages and, you know, over 70 percent have are experiencing shortages when it comes to things like paper goods. Eighty percent of the country is paying more for meat and poultry. And the numbers are horrid. They’re horrid. I mean, it looks Third World. It really looked like I was pulling a Third World nation. [00:31:59][79.6]

Charlie Kirk: [00:32:00] It feels like we’re a little over it in a Third World nation. I mean, you go to a grocery store recently, you don’t have any boys. They don’t have bottles of water. The entire supply chain is completely and totally disrupted. What do Republicans need to do to not mess this up? Because it sure looks like a good equation for what would be called the red tsunami? [00:32:17][17.2]

Richard Baris: [00:32:19] Yeah, they need to there. There is still some time in some of these states to to change course to fix these redistricting efforts. But secondly, I think the most important is that there is a very large chunk of voters. If they come out there, they’re they don’t really identify as Republican. They just like Donald Trump if they come out and vote. It’s going to be an even bigger problem for Democrats than it would be in a normal electorate. And the only way to get them out there, Charlie, is to is to do what you say you’re going to do. So if you if you tell voters you’re going to fight and flight, you know, of all these people want, the all they want is someone to stand up for them. That’s why they like Donald Trump so much. That’s why he could do no wrong with these people. It didn’t matter what he did, he was their guy. They defended him and they knew they could count on him. They don’t believe that with Republicans, there’s this tremendous opportunity in some some of these districts that, you know, normally Republicans would not be able to win. But this year that this shift, especially among Hispanic working men, is got to be terrifying to Democrats. It has to be. [00:33:24][65.0]

Charlie Kirk: [00:33:24] It looks that way. Richard, thank you so much. People’s pundit and big data poll. Richard Barish, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you so much for listening, everybody. E-mail us your thoughts. As always, freedom at And support the Charlie Kirk Show at slash support. Thank you so much for listening, everybody. God bless. [00:33:39][14.9]

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