'Frustrated As Hell' Parents Rip 'Woke' Worksheet Handed Out by Teacher on First Day of School

'Frustrated As Hell' Parents Rip 'Woke' Worksheet Handed Out by Teacher on First Day of School

Parents are sounding off anew at so-called “woke” curriculum and materials being pushed on students as they head back to public schools this fall.

According to American Wire, an English teacher at Southington High School in Connecticut sent parents into fits of frustration and anger after handing out a worksheet on Day 1 of school filled with the language of progressive activism including terms like “institutional racism,” “white privilege,” “social justice,” “transgender” and “Latinx.”

Local outlet WFSB posted to social media one of the three pages from the worksheet, noting: “A Southington teacher is being questioned about a worksheet that has parents and students upset.”

Critical Race Theory precepts were part of the worksheet, including this one: “Racism is a systemic issue. If you look the other way or deny that these systems exist, you are part of the problem. You can know in your heart that you don’t hate anyone but still contribute to their oppression.”

Patch reported that parents and local school board members became aware of the handout after a student who expressed discomfort with the material complained to a school counselor.

“It’s troubling to me. I read the worksheet. Do I agree with it? Absolutely not,” Board Vice Chairperson Joseph Baczewski, one of six Republicans on the nine-person Board of Education, said to the outlet.

“To hear about the white privilege thing again? I’m tired of it,” he added. “For this to be the talk? Out of all the crap that’s going on and this is it? It’s frustrating as hell.”

One parent wasn’t so upset with what the worksheet said but more in how it was presented.

“To be honest, I’m not even angry. I am sure that the teacher who put this together did not mean to be hurtful. But it is divisive,” Jenny Cinquemani told Patch.

“We are a Puerto Rican family and we have family members, some that are darker, some that are lighter,” she added in comments to WFSB.

“Some of the social disparities that do exist, whether people want to acknowledge them or not, they are real. Jim Crow laws are not so far removed from our history. There are people still alive in this country who experience that. So I think it is important to set some rules about how you engage in the classroom when you are touching on these difficult subjects,” she noted further. “There are ways to approach these difficult conversations and this was definitely not it.”

It should be noted that Jim Crow laws enforced racial segregation in the South at a time when the region was dominated by the Democratic Party.

Other parents like Michael Kryzanski were outraged. “I’m paying taxes, so my kids can learn how to read, write and communicate properly. I’m not paying taxes for them to learn stuff in this document,” he said.

“Social justice?” he said, Patch reported. “Why is it even in this document? What does it even mean, aside from it being a term politicians use to buy votes.”

“Pretty much every term I’m reading in this document disgusts me,” he went on. “This is critical race theory, which is not supposed to be taught in Southington Public Schools.”

Pat Tavalozzi offered that the worksheet was an example of “young rogue teachers coming from indoctrinated colleges who want to indoctrinate our children with their philosophies and political views.”

“We need to police the teachers bringing these ideologies that are just completely off the wall,” she said.

Students were also upset. One, Ella Perillo, told Patch: “If my friend is a person of color, I will treat them the same way as everyone is treated, and I expect the same thing in return. This is what will cause a divide. There is no white privilege.”


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