Former Senator, GOP Operatives Are Launching A 'Conservative' Credit Card Alternative to Big Finance

Former Senator, GOP Operatives Are Launching A 'Conservative' Credit Card Alternative to Big Finance

Amid the rise of American corporations that are increasingly adopting left-wing ‘woke’ politics and policies comes the development of a countercultural ecosystem providing an outlet — an escape if you will — for conservatives.

In addition to media companies like The Daily Wire and GAC Media dedicating themselves to providing more traditional family-friendly content and the creation of big tech platforms that cater to right-leaning Americans who truly treasure free speech, a former U.S. senator and GOP operatives are launching a “conservative” alternative credit card.

The Washington Examiner reports that the new Visa card will funnel a portion of the profits to right-of-center causes:

Coign, pronounced “coin,” is launching Tuesday under the stewardship of Rob Collins, a Republican lobbyist and former executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Collins is joined by an advisory team that includes former Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado; GOP strategist Chris Hansen, also a former NRSC executive director who is advising Pennsylvania Senate contender Mehmet Oz this cycle; plus unnamed financial backers — among them at least one billionaire family steeped in conservative politics.

To lure customers, Coign is being made available for zero membership fees and offering 1% cash back on all purchases. But this new Visa credit card intends to stand out in a competitive marketplace by contributing a percentage of its profits from merchant fees to conservative causes and organizations. Donation recipients will be selected by a vote of Coign cardholders from a list of options curated by company executives.

“Coign will let conservatives voice their priorities through charitable donations they get to pick, all while offering world-class customer service, consumer protections, and cash back on every transaction,” Collins said in a statement.

Collins is a former adviser to Republican Eric Cantor, a former House majority leader who is now vice president and managing director at boutique investment firm Moelis & Company, the outlet reported.

“The launch of Coign comes amid rising conservative angst regarding prominent corporations and consumer brands that publicly advocate liberal policies or donate to left-of-center causes and groups,” the Examiner noted. “The credit card is marketing itself as an alternative for consumers who are tired of watching the profits from their patronage land with liberal groups that are antithetical, if not outright hostile, to their conservative values.”

Tech platforms Rumble, Parler, Gettr, and former President Donald Trump’s new Truth Social all cater to right-leaning Americans as well, after Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others have been seen as purposely censoring and banning conservatives.

Ditto for entertainment.

Amid ongoing fallout from major entertainment companies like Netflix and Disney going ‘woke’ so to speak and pushing left-wing concepts like LGBTQ programming and characters, a backlash is forming in the way of more traditional content.

The latest pushback is coming from “Full House” star alum Candace Cameron Bure, who announced this week she plans on creating and starring in “faith-filled” “wholesome content” for family consumption.

In a press release regarding the 46-year-old actress joining GAC Media to produce, develop and star, company president and CEO Bill Abbott discussed how excited he is about bringing on the star who’s been adored by “generations of fans as one of family entertainment’s most cherished and relatable stars,” People magazine noted in a Tuesday report.

“She has helped build this genre into the mainstream success it is today, and I look forward to working together at GAC Media as we further establish our brands as leaders in quality family programming,” he added. “I am truly honored that she has chosen to be a part of and help curate her special brand of family entertainment here at Great American Channels.”

Previously, in response to Disney and other entertainment companies taking on non-traditional ‘woke’ content, The Daily Caller’s co-founder Jeremy Boreing announced the outlet — which has begun to produce its own films — will also create more traditional content.


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