Former BLM Leader Rips San Fran's Reparations Plan for Blacks As Dependency Scheme

Former BLM Leader Rips San Fran's Reparations Plan for Blacks As Dependency Scheme

A former leader of a Black Lives Matter chapter had nothing good to say about a San Francisco plan to distribute billions of taxpayer dollars to black residents as ‘reparations’ for slavery that ended long before anyone alive today was born.

Xaviaer DuRousseau, a PragerU personality who said he has connections to the Bay Area, criticized the social justice plan during an interview on “The Ingraham Angle,” stating that it was a form of “virtue-signaling” to “indoctrinate” minorities into feeling oppressed after the San Fran board of supervisors expressed an interest in adopting reparations, Fox News reported.

“I think it’s important that, first of all, we call this exactly what it is: This is 111 ways to gaslight Black Americans into thinking that we need to be dependent on a system of handouts in order to be successful,” DuRousseau said, adding he once believed several left-wing claims about race and privilege in America.

“Black Americans have been indoctrinated with these lies for far too long, and I used to fall for the lies until I took a deep dive into the videos on and realized how easily debunked these fraudulent narratives surrounding systemic racism actually are,” he said.

Ingraham reported that officials in the city are offering incentives such as money, property, and debt forgiveness to potential benefactors. She questioned whether such promises would backfire.

“Absolutely. This is never going to actually happen. It is so unrealistic to think that the average family in San Francisco is going to be able to pay $600,000 extra apiece,” DuRousseau said, citing the Hoover Institution’s estimate of how much reparations will cost local taxpayers.

According to DuRousseau, critics are mainly focused on the $5 million designated for each black family in the proposal, but he argues that the most concerning aspect is the plan to sell homes to black Americans for as little as $1.

“As an American and as someone who used to live in the San Francisco Bay area, it’s disgusting to me that we are more focused on slavery, which ended in 1865, than we’re focused on the veterans who are on the streets of San Francisco — homeless and begging for spare change — in 2023,” he said.

Ingraham later pointed out that many of those who support such woke endeavors often do not want to fund their expensive proposals.

“They never do,” DuRousseau agreed. “If I went up to a white liberal and handed them my Venmo account, they wouldn’t send me any money, but they’re the first people to demand reparations because it’s just another level of them virtue-signaling.”

Rather, proponents of reparations and BLM are more interested in making money for themselves by selling books and other curricula, he said.

“They’re selling black people their own oppression because it’s profitable to indoctrinate people with victim mentality,” he concluded.



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