FOREVER WAR: World Economic Forum Speakers Call For More Ukraine Support

FOREVER WAR: World Economic Forum Speakers Call For More Ukraine Support

The forever-war in Ukraine with Russia must end in a decisive Ukrainian victory to send a message to the world that invading neighboring countries leads to nothing beneficial, the prime minister of Finland told the crowd at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday.

During a speaking event with journalist Fareed Zakaria, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said that “we will have to make sure that when when it ends, Ukrainians win.

“I don’t think that there’s any other choice,” she said. “If Russia would win the war, then we would only see decades of this kind of behavior ahead of us.”


“If Russia would win, then it would send a message that you can invade another country, you can attack another country, and you can gain from that,” Marin said. She said that her country would be a stern supporter of Ukraine for as long as Russia’s invasion continues.

“One year, two years, five years, 10 years, 15 years – we will support Ukraine as long as needed,” she said. She also spoke about her country’s application to become a NATO member. Finland was one of the countries, along with Sweden, that applied to join NATO after the Russian invasion begain in February of last year.

“We want to become a member of NATO because we don’t ever again want war in Finland,” Marin said on Tuesday.

“We have been in war with Russia before. We have very good military capabilities, but we have to make sure that there is also the threat that Article 5 gives,” she added.

Article 5 of NATO states that “each and every other member of the Alliance will consider this act of violence as an armed attack against all members and will take the actions it deems necessary to assist the Ally attacked.” She said that Ukraine could not become a NATO member while at war, but if they had already been a member, that there “wouldn’t be a war now in Ukraine.”


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