Florida Will Fine Any Business Or School $5,000 Each Time It Requires A “Vaccine Passport"

Florida Will Fine Any Business Or School $5,000 Each Time It Requires A “Vaccine Passport"

Setting a great example again, Florida passed Senate Bill 2006 in a 76-40 vote which will fine any business or school $5,000 each time it requires a “vaccine passport.” The bill, which is being sent to Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk, would protect citizens from being asked for proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Sponsored by Sen. Danny Burgess, R-Zephyrhills, SB 2006 was passed by the Senate on April 22 in a 27-9 vote.

The 49-page SB 2006 amends the state’s Emergency Management Act to place limits on local emergency powers and installs fines for businesses or institutions that require vaccine documentation. The relatively technical amendment added Wednesday clarifies COVID-19 screening protocols.

Under SB 2006, violating the state’s vaccine passport ban would be punishable by fines up to $5,000 per violation.

Under another provision, local government emergency powers would be limited to 10 or 30 days. To extend the emergency order beyond 30 days, a vote needs to take place with a majority of voters approving the emergency order extension.

Opponents argued the bill infringes on business owners’ property rights and would impair the travel industry and the state’s cruise line operators, who say their customers want fellow travelers to be vaccinated.

Rep. Omari Hardy, D-Lake Worth said, “If you care about our business community as certain elected officials in this state say that they do, why would you prevent people from enacting policies that give their customers the assurance, the confidence, that they can walk into a business, and that they’ll be safe?”

Hardy says being vaccinated is an assurance that customers will be safe, yet many doctors pointed out that a large percentage of their new patients that contracted COVID were fully vaccinated. The New York Post posted an article in which 246 fully vaccinated Michigan residents caught COVID-19 and three of them died.

The current COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects reported to the CDC through (VAERS) the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System are as follows:

  • Deaths – 3,607
  • Life Threatening – 2,527
  • Permanent Disability – 1,675
  • Congenital Anomaly / Birth Defect – 95
  • Hospitalized – 8,499

These are just some of the categories listed, but the total overall COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects reported to the CDC are 133,255.

Whether it’s banning critical race theory in schools, enacting election integrity laws or fining businesses that infringe upon people’s medical privacy rights, one thing is clear: Florida is leading the country when it comes to protecting Americans rights and restoring sanity in the midst of hysteria.


Chicago To Require Vaccine Passports To Enter Certain Events And Crowded Spaces

In order to coerce citizens to get vaccinated, Chicago’s Public Health Commissioner, Dr. Allison Arwady, will be pushing a new vaccine passport program that will be required for admission into certain events.

The city of Chicago wants businesses to offer savings incentives to those who are fully vaccinated as part of their “Vax and Relax” program. In order to take advantage of the savings or even get into many places, patrons will have to show their “Vax Pass.”

The Post Millennial reports:

Dr. Arwady says that the city is not “requiring” anyone to get vaccinated but said that those who are not vaccinated may be refused entry into events as determined by the city’s Public Health Commission.

The initiative is specially targeting younger Chicagoans who the Public Health Commission says many have expressed willingness to get vaccinated but claim it is “not the first on the list of things to do” so the city is seeking “creative ways” to encourage them to get the jab.

Vaccine passports have received lots of backlash with 8 states either banning them or pledging to ban them. Florida and Texas are the largest states to ban the use of vaccine passports while many smaller states like Idaho and Nebraska have followed suit.

While places like New York have their own vaccine passport program called the “Excelsior Pass”, other states Governors such as Nebraska’s Pete Ricketts said that the state will not participate in vaccine passports because vaccine passports are a violation of “two central tenets of the American system: freedom of movement and healthcare privacy.”

NY State Official Announces Vaccine Passports Required to Attend Buffalo Bills Games

Erie County, NY Executive Mark Poloncarz announced yesterday that all fans and staff at the Buffalo Bills’ NFL stadium must be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to enter the facility. The same policy also extends to Buffalo Sabres fans.

On Twitter, Poloncarz wrote, “Erie County is in support of returning fans to the stadium and arena, this upcoming fall. The best way to do this is to ensure all fans are vaccinated!” 

The tweet included a graphic which stated the county “supports returning all fans to stadium and arena for fall.” It says the way to achieve this is to “require all fans and staff to be fully vaccinated.”

“No vaccine=no entry,” the graphic stated.

Poloncarz encouraged fans to apply to receive their passports. “

“You can apply now to receive your ‘Excelsior Pass,’ he wrote on Twitter. “There is a app you can download right on your cell phone. This app will show your shot records, and that you have been full vaccinated.”

In a media briefing, Poloncarz said religious and medical exemptions for the vaccine will not be accommodated.

“Some people are like, ‘Well that’s unfair,’ but there’s no God-given right to attend a football game,” he said.

The news of the mandatory vaccination requirement came on the same day the CDC and FDA recommended a “pause” on the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine following blood clot complications.


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