FL Dept of Health Calls out CDC for Reporting Inflated Number of New Covid Cases

FL Dept of Health Calls out CDC for Reporting Inflated Number of New Covid Cases

Perhaps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should have been pressured to double check their recordings for accuracy all along the past year and a half. It seems they are not used to pushback, and when they do get it, they cave easily. Of course, “corrections” i.e. lying, are easy when you have liberals and the mainstream media on your side.

On Tuesday this week the CDC reported the state of Florida reported 28,317 new cases the previous Sunday. Quickly, the Florida Department of Health tweeted the response, “This is not accurate. Florida follows CDC guidelines reporting cases Monday through Friday, other than holidays. Consequently, each Monday or Tuesday, there will be two or three days of data reported at a time. When data is published, it is attributed evenly to the previous days.”

The Western Journal reports:

The CDC initially reported 28,317 new cases on Sunday, far above the figure of 15,319 recorded by the state’s health department and Florida’s highest total ever. State officials said the CDC put several days worth of cases into one day.

The CDC ended up setting the number at 19,584, according to Fox News.

“It is very important that data is accurate,” said Florida’s Deputy Health Secretary Dr. Shamarial Roberson, according to Fox News.

“The people of Florida — they deserve it. We’ve been putting out accurate data since the beginning of the pandemic.”

“It’s very important to us that people know the numbers so that they can respond, and it’s important to us that we have the accurate numbers so that our public health professionals can respond,” she said.

She said she does not understand what the CDC did to botch the count. As of Wednesday, the state and federal numbers still did not match. The CDC reported that Florida had 23,958 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, 21,487 on Saturday and 19,584 on Sunday.

 State figures showed 21,500  on Friday, 19,567 on Saturday and 15,319 on Sunday, according to Yahoo.

Luckily for the CDC, they suffer no consequences; all they had to do was write on their website that they aren’t always correct. “There might be discrepancies between numbers reported by CDC versus by health departments. When this occurs, data reported by health departments should be considered the most accurate” says the agency.


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