Fired Art Teacher Defends Having Young Female Students Pose Topless, Strike 'Simulated Masturbation' Poses

Fired Art Teacher Defends Having Young Female Students Pose Topless, Strike 'Simulated Masturbation' Poses

A fired art teacher in Britain is trying to defend what most adults would consider indefensible, as Western culture continues to decline.

Emma Wright, 41, was working as an art instructor at Hoslow Science College in Northamptoshire, England, since 2004, but in 2017, she signed off on a lewd photoshoot inside her classroom.

An investigation into the incident was begun in December 2017, The Blaze reports, after the school’s head of design found a student’s art portfolio containing topless shots.

Investigators found that Wright invited a photographer to the school who specialized in “suggestive poses” and allowed the shutterbug to talk to her students. During the session, high school girls including some as young as 15 reportedly took off their clothes.

“The pictures showed teenage girls posing only in their underwear, while holding cigarettes and booze containers, with their hands, bottles or cans covering otherwise naked breasts,” The Sun reported.

Investigators found photos of some of the teens “posing with their hand inside their underwear or in a pose which simulated masturbation.”

The Teaching Regulation Agency ruled that the “highly inappropriate” class was not at all in the best interests of “safeguarding” students and barred Wright from teaching for two years, according to The Sun. The agency released a report regarding the class and the investigation this month after the COVID pandemic delayed the probe.

“Whilst the panel was satisfied that there was a low risk of repetition, it did not find that Mrs. Wright had fully reflected on the safeguarding implications of allowing pupils to take photographs of themselves or others in a state of undress,” said Alan Meyrick – the chief executive of the Teaching Regulation Agency.

Wright, who now operates a care home, defended her actions.

“The TRA has not taken that into account and they have not got an understanding of art in education, which is the basis of my letter to the TRA and MP,” she told The Sun.

“I am hoping the local community are as shocked as I am, and as sad and angry. They know me. I have taught in that school for a long time. So I am hoping that I will be fairly represented because it is quite hurtful,” she added.

The Sun noted further:

Speaking to the panel, Mrs Wright added that in her opinion the artist’s work was not sexual in nature, but she did accept that, with hindsight, she should have told the pupils their photographs were not appropriate.

Decision-maker Alan Meyrick concluded Mrs Wright had committed a serious breach of professional teaching standards, and failed to safeguard pupils’ well-being.

“The risk of harm, due to the lack of safeguarding pupils, was a significant factor in forming that opinion,” Meyrick continued. “In my view, it is necessary to impose a prohibition order in order to maintain public confidence in the profession.”

Though she feels she has been wronged, Wright said she has no plans to appeal the ban and punishment because she no longer wants to teach.

That’s probably for the best, to be honest.


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