Fauci, 'Not If But When' Definition Of 'Fully Vaccinated' Includes Booster

Fauci, 'Not If But When' Definition Of 'Fully Vaccinated' Includes Booster

As some people have begun getting their third shot booster of the COVID-19 vaccine the CEO of Pfizer has warned that a fourth shot may be needed because of the Omicron variant.

“With Omicron we need to wait and see because we have very little information. We may need it faster,” CEO Albert Bourla said to CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“When we see real-world data, will determine if the Omicron is well covered by the third dose and for how long,” he said. “And the second point, I think we will need a fourth dose.”

He said the most important thing right now is to get people their third dose this Winter.

“A third dose will give very good protection I believe,” he said.

Well, the subscription model works for so many other businesses why not big pharma too?

The comments come as Dr. Anthony Fauci has stated that the definition of “fully vaccinated” will eventually change to include booster shots.

“It’s gonna be a matter of when, not if,” the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said Wednesday when he appeared on CNN.

“I don’t think anybody would argue that optimal protection is going to be with a third shot,” he said to CNN host Kate Bolduan. “It’s a technical, almost semantic definition, and it is the definition for requirements.”

He does not believe that the definition will be “changing tomorrow or next week,” but he said it’s “going to be considered literally on a daily basis.”

“For me, as a public health person, I just say get your third shot – forget about what the definition is. I just want to see people be optimally protected,” he said.

But as we continue our plan of indoctrinating the children, he does want everyone to know that Santa Claus has been fully vaccinated.

“Santa already has great innate immunity,” he said to USA Today. “This year he is even more protected because he has been fully vaccinated and boosted. Santa will be just fine and is good to go!”

Last year, however, Fauci said that jolly ‘ol St. Nick did not even need a shot.

“Santa is exempt from this because Santa, of all the good qualities, has a lot of good innate immunity,” he said last year.

But even then, just to be certain, he assured kids watching a Sesame Street town hall on COVID that aired on CNN, he vaccinated Claus himself.

“I took care of that for you because I was worried that you’d all be upset,” he said.

“I vaccinated Santa Claus myself,” he said. “I measured his level of immunity, and he is good to go.”

Whew. We were concerned there for a second.

Now we know Santa got his booster but has he set his subscription plan for dose four and beyond?


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