'Father's Milk': Breastfeeding Academy Issues Insane Guidance For U.S. Hospitals In Pushing Gender-Neutral Language

'Father's Milk': Breastfeeding Academy Issues Insane Guidance For U.S. Hospitals In Pushing Gender-Neutral Language

Left-wing lunacy aimed at placating a fraction of our population will mean the destruction of the scientific and biological norms we humans have known and utilized since our Creator put us on this planet.

The latest outrage comes from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM), which has just introduced ‘guidance‘ for U.S. hospitals that epitomizes insanity.

“…[T]he ABM recognizes that not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female, and that some of these individuals identify as neither female nor male. To be inclusive of all people in our written materials, use of desexed or genderinclusive language (e.g., using ‘‘lactating person’’ instead of ‘‘mother’’) is appropriate in many settings,” the guidance states.

“In some situations, however, use of sex-specific language may be preferable, for reasons we state hereunder. In such cases, our readership should be aware that the intention of our written materials, such as protocols and position statements, is to be inclusive of all breastfeeding/chestfeeding and human milkfeeding individuals. With individual families, it is important to ask about and use the pronouns and words with which they identify (their emphasis),” the guidance continued.

There is more, and it has been documented by journalist Colin Wright on Twitter — including the use of the phrase “father’s milk,” despite the fact that it is biologically impossible for males to provide ‘milk’ to infants.

“This document was sent to me by a friend whose wife is a hospital nurse for new moms and their babies,” Wright told The Post Millennial. “He said this new ‘inclusive terminology’ is being implemented at her hospital, and that nurses and other health professionals are being required to ask each patient what terms they wish to have used when discussing their care.”

The National Desk adds:

The screenshotted page posted by Wright showcases a table in the new guide titled “Suggested Terms in Breastfeeding and Human Lactation.” There are three columns, one called “traditional terms,” one labeled “gender-inclusive terms,” and the final column titled “clinical contexts.”

Provided as an example, “traditional terms” such as “mother” and “father” should be changed to the gender-neutral “parent,” according to the new guide table. Hospitals are also encouraged to use “they/them” pronouns if the gender of the patient is not immediately known, the guidance says.

In a line below those suggestions is the traditional term “breast milk,” which the guide suggests should be called just “milk,” “parent’s milk,” or even “father’s milk.” In Wright’s screenshot, he underlined “father’s milk” with a red line for emphasis.

Under the “clinical context” column on the table, hospitals are instructed to “ask a patient for their affirmed terminology.”

“While this policy is portrayed as creating a friendly and ‘inclusive’ hospital atmosphere, I think most people would rather have nurses focused on more important things like medications and proper dosages instead of devoting mental real estate to memorizing lists of inane ‘inclusive’ terminology,” Wright added.

Laura Kair, medical director of the UC Davis Children’s Hospital, co-authored some on the new guidance. She states: “Language has power. The language that we use should be as inclusive as possible when discussing infant feeding.”

She’s right, language does have power — which is why American scholars, scientists, biologists, and medical professionals should be fighting this lunacy tooth and nail. If we can’t establish baseline, hard-and-fast gender norms in these formally fact-based fields, then patients and parents are going to suffer consequences.


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