Establishment Republicans Signal Support for Same-Sex Marriage Bill While Opponents Sound Alarm

Establishment Republicans Signal Support for Same-Sex Marriage Bill While Opponents Sound Alarm

More and more ‘establishment’ Republicans in and out of office are signaling their support for a Democratic effort to enshrine gay marriage into federal law, but some conservatives are warning that it’s a trap to go after churches and religious freedom.

“More than 400 current and former establishment GOP officials have signed a letter calling on U.S. lawmakers to enshrine the same-sex marriage bill into law before the vote likely hits the Senate floor before the end of the month,” The Daily Wire reported Tuesday. “Former Republican National Committee chairman and President Bush reelection campaign manager Ken Mehlman, who has since revealed he practices homosexuality, led the effort to gain support for the bill and partnered with a new nonprofit group called Centerline Action, per The Washington Post.”

The letter states: “We call on the U.S. Senate to pass the Respect for Marriage Act and reaffirm that marriage for gay and lesbian couples is settled law.”

Passage of the Respect for Marriage Act would “remove any uncertainty for the more than one million Americans who are building families, taking on the responsibilities and commitment associated with marriage, and caring for the one they love,” the letter continues.

“As Republicans and conservatives, we believe strong families and lasting relationships strengthen communities, and civil marriage is a fundamental freedom central to individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the letter notes further.

The letter comes as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has vowed to hold a vote on the measure before the midterm elections. Last month, the Democrat-led House passed the measure with the support of 47 Republicans. Schumer will need 10 Republicans in the upper chamber so the bill can clear the 60-vote threshold. So far, three of them — including Susan Collins (R-ME), Rob Portman (R-OH), and Thom Tillis (R-NC) — have previously signaled support for the bill.

But other Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), have said they can’t support the bill out of concern that it would create more chaos for federal courts and likely interfere with the First Amendment religious freedoms of churches and other institutions. As such, Cruz said that many Republicans were pushing for a provision in the bill that would specifically protect them from litigation.

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz said in a tweet that he is “proud to join this effort.”

“I believe that same-sex couples should have the same freedom to get married as straight couples,” Oz said.

But Jesse Kelly, host on The First streaming network, is sounding the alarm claiming that Republicans are being duped into supporting a bill that will serve as a basis for left-wing attacks on churches.

“If you can’t see how a federal gay marriage bill will be used to attack the largest political opponent (churches) of Democrats, you’re so stupid you should be institutionalized. FBI gonna be knocking on your pastor’s door for refusing to marry a couple dudes. Morons,” he tweeted.

Earlier, he noted in response to a critic: “This is where our side screws up time and again. I’m not discussing the right to marry. Neither are they. Start understanding WHY the communist does what he does. This isn’t about marriage. It’s about attacking the church. Only the loser GOP thinks this is about gay marriage.”


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