Eric Swalwell Mocked For Urging Californians to Conserve Energy After Ripping Texas Over Same Thing

Eric Swalwell Mocked For Urging Californians to Conserve Energy After Ripping Texas Over Same Thing

Rep. Eric Swalwell has to be among the shallowest, most partisan Democrats currently serving in Congress, as evidenced by a tweet he posted on Tuesday as a sort of ‘public service announcement’ for fellow Californians.

As the Golden State continues to experience a heat wave, officials there have asked residents to turn up their thermostats and conserve as much energy as possible — not long after Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that by 2035, all vehicles sold in the state must be electric.

Swalwell felt the need to virtue signal his leftism, so he chimed in on Twitter: “It’s time to rally, California! We all need to do our part to help avoid power outages this week. Before 4pm, pre-cool your home. After 4pm, avoid use of major appliances and turn your thermostat to 78 or higher. Let’s keep the lights on, California.”

But wait. Didn’t this partisan hack just chastise the state of Texas for issuing a similar warning to its residents?

Why, yes. Yes, it was.

“Texas. Where Republicans provide plenty of energy to control your body, but no energy to control your thermostat,” he tweeted July 10.

“Texas. Where Democrats have encouraged an invasion at our southern border. California has rolling black outs too. Only difference is everyone in CA is fleeing to TX,” one Twitter user responded.

“Please run for POTUS again. I loved the sad desperation of your ‘please just donate one dollar’ ads,” another user noted, adding a clown face emoji.

“Dude, you represent CA, the capital of rolling blackouts. Sit this one out,” another user noted.

“California. Where people can’t escape from fast enough,” said another user.

Notes The Daily Wire: “On Tuesday evening, however, the California Independent System Operator narrowly averted imposing rolling blackouts, even though tens of thousands of residents experienced disruptions to their power supplies. Meanwhile, Swalwell amplified the agency’s call to avoid using major appliances and set thermostats to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.”

Newsom also pressed Californians to follow guidance from the state’s energy regulators.

“You’ve stepped up to help in a big way to keep the lights on so far. But we’re heading into the worst part of this heat wave,” he said in a video posted to social media. “And the risk for outages is real and it’s immediate.”

Among other measures, state officials also asked citizens last week to avoid “charging electric vehicles,” which was widely mocked after Newsom’s announcement regarding ending future sales of internal combustion vehicles.


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