Elite All-Girls School in Nashville Founded in 1865 Now Accepting Biological Males

Elite All-Girls School in Nashville Founded in 1865 Now Accepting Biological Males

The far-left ‘woke’ continues to spread throughout our culture, destroying norms and traditions like a cancer.

The latest casualty is an elite all-girls school in Nashville, Tenn.

Founded in 1866, Harpeth Hall, which includes grades 5-12, has decided to open its enrollment to biological males who claim they are girls as means of taking an “expanded” approach to the “concept of gender,” The Daily Wire reports.

The school, which was attended by such notables as actresses Reese Witherspoon and Minnie Pearl, as well as singer Amy Grant, previously ditched its annual George Washington Day in 2020, and is now galloping farther to the left to appease a group of people who are perpetually angry about something.

“As the world evolves, so do our students,” the school noted in an announcement. “The concept of gender has expanded and deepened over time. The members of our school community have asked good and important questions about gender inclusion and have looked for greater clarity on the school’s practices.”

The school was most likely referencing an op-ed in its student newspaper published in March 2021 that whined: “While the school claims to support trans students, this support needs to be formalized. Additionally, practices must be implemented to ensure the inclusion of trans students because the assumption that all students at Harpeth Hall are cisgender and female does not accurately depict the student body and ostracizes trans students.”

“With this objective in mind, we have adopted the following guidelines that outline how Harpeth Hall approaches gender diversity within the context of our girl’s school mission,” the school noted in its announcement to parents.

The announcement added:

Any student who identifies as a girl may apply to our school…. Harpeth Hall acknowledges the developmental journey of each student and recognizes that adolescence includes natural searching and questioning about many topics. For some students, this may include the question of gender identity and the desire to identify as nonbinary or use they/them pronouns.

Harpeth Hall approaches gender identity with understanding and open communication, rather than with shame or othering, and will provide a safe environment to partner with each student and family to consider the needs and requests of the student on an individual basis.

Then, hypocritically, the announcement went on to say: “If a student communicates a desire to be identified as male or adopt he/him pronouns, we recognize that our school, being a girls school, may no longer be a place that serves that student well.”

Marketing and Communications Director Jessica Bliss defended the school’s decision to open up to biological males, naturally.

“We are and always have been an all-girls independent school,” she said, as reported by The Tennessean. “There has been no change to Harpeth Hall’s admission application process which is open to any female student.”

“Each girl is unique in her own way,” she claimed.


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